Most women do not understand a thing about men

Men are mysterious beings. There is no way women can ever understand men’s logic, just like men can never understand what women want from them. Women typically think of men as strange human beings, whose actions go beyond their understanding. For example, men do not want to meet a woman again after a very good date, they can suddenly disappear and leave phone calls and text messages unanswered, they say that they never want to get married, but then become faithful husbands.

What if women simply do not want to know the true reasons that make men break up a relationship, lose a phone number and make proposals to other women? What if women prefer not to know those reasons just because they may not like them? What if women prefer to believe only what they want to believe (all men are assholes)?

Here is the all-matching answer to all of those questions. Why doesn’t he call me? Because he doesn’t like you. Why did he leave me? Because he doesn’t like you . Why did he disappear ? Because he doesn’t like you.

This may probably be true, although it does not explain men’s indifference. Women tend to think of themselves as victims of men’s games. As a rule, they do not acknowledge any responsibility for an unsuccessful relationship and think of men as emotional criminals. The woman’s world evolves around Bridget Jones Diaries and Sex and the City. This world portrays men as either charming scoundrels or ‘weddable’ downers.

Any man would agree with the following saying: “We are not that weird and mysterious as women think of us. We are guided by sex, although we pretend to have other motives too.”

If it is true, why would a man ever want to have a family? Aren’t they supposed to inseminate as many women as possible? However, even a hopeless bachelor can become a caring husband. They say that it is very hard to find a good man. On the other hand, if you ask a lonely guy he would definitely tell you that it is very hard to find a good woman too.

To put it in a nutshell, women can ruin relationships just as easily as men can. Women can be just as violent in a relationship, although people prefer not to talk about it too much just because of the fact that men are stronger emotionally and physically. One should always bear in mind the fact that men can suffer from loneliness and one-way love.


Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov