Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Sex can be absolutely unimportant to many

Scientists proved several years ago that people’s sexual appetites come from their genes. Some inherit a high libido from their ancestors and want to have sex every day, others have this wish once a week, some others are asexual and can live without sex very well.

Libido can vary depending on various circumstances. As a rule, people want to have more sex when they go on holiday. In general, libido remains stable all the time. If it decreases considerably, it is most likely a consequence of health problems.

The sexual appetite, or libido, is directly connected with the hormonal background of an individual, with male sex hormones, or with testosterone, to be more precise. If there is a lot of testosterone, a man’s sexual desire will be higher than the average. It is generally believed that such men are well-built, short-tempered, hairy on the body and hairless on the head.

The level of testosterone decreases with age, but the process is difficult to notice until the age of 60. It is difficult to accelerate the process, although it is quite possible. One would need to put on weight, drink a lot of alcohol, let others hit you between the legs all the time and take hormonal medications.

Testosterone is responsible for women’s libido too. The more testosterone a woman has, the more she thinks about sex. The female hormonal background is not as stable as that of men. It depends on the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, child labor and climax. If a woman complains of low libido, she will have to consult a doctor. However, the first thing that a woman must think of in such cases is her morning after pills. Those women, who take birth control pills on a regular basis, have a much lower level of the male sex hormone in the blood.

Libido is much more complicated that it may seem at first sight. A certain amount of testosterone is not enough - the brain needs to react adequately to it. It goes without saying that the brain reaction will not be adequate at all if a person suffers from serious stresses or depressions.

If there are no health problems and the level of testosterone is fine, but there is no sexual desire anyway, one has to think of moral issues. Desire may often depend on a person’s attitude to sex and his or her relations with their partner.