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Yushchenko's son spends 500,000 dollars on his new girlfriend

Andrei Yushchenko, the son of Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, has found himself in the middle of another scandal again. The Ukrainians continue to discuss a very expensive taste of both and presidential son and his new girlfriend Elizaveta Efrosinina. Ukrainian tabloids have published quite a number of articles on Andrei’s adventures in Dubai, when he bought Chanel bags worth $500,000 for his girlfriend. He also became known for ordering a bottle of champagne with oysters for 2,000 euros at Kiev’s most luxurious nightclub.

Andrei Yushchenko was originally spotted with a new girlfriend Elizaveta (Liza for short) in the middle of the summer of 2008. Everyone thought that it was just another girlfriend for the adventurous young man. It became known afterwards, though, that Andrei organized a ‘meet the parents’ party at his father’s home in Kiev. President Yushchenko reportedly had nothing against their wedding.

Liza is only 21 years old, but she owns a luxury apartment in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Kiev. She frequently attends fashionable parties in Monte Carlo and Courchevel and buys clothes from latest collections of world’s most renowned designers. She appeared on front pages in a company of wealthy businessman Roman Gurevich. However, when Yushchenko’s son paid his attention to her, the woman decided not to miss such a chance.

Andrei Yushchenko thus had to accomplish a difficult goal to outstrip businessman Gurevich behind in terms of his generosity. Andrei can be a very good match at this point: he lives in a 600 square-meter penthouse apartment. His fellow-students say that he owns a platinum Vertu cell phone worth 43,500 euros. He usually leaves $500 tips at restaurants and spends there not less than two or three thousand euros. He is the only owner of BMW M6 in Kiev ($130,000).

President Viktor Yushchenko uses the symbols of the orange revolution to let his son lead his idle life. The orange revolution brand (orange scarves, mittens, hats, flags, etc) is evaluated at $100 million, experts calculated. The Ukrainian Souvenir company sells orange revolution photo albums, watches, cigarette lighters and mugs, while Andrei Yushchenko simply has to go to the bank to get some cash.

Andrei’s previous girlfriend, Anna Pavlovich, enjoyed the orange fruit too. The couple booked a $2,500-a-night hotel room during their holiday in Turkey.

In the meantime, Andrei showers his new girlfriend with luxury. He ordered to pack everything that Liza would choose at a Chanel boutique and spent $500,000 to please the girl.

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