Dentist narcotizes victims with huge doses of drugs and rapes them

Dentist Igor Alexandrov from the town of Protvino, the Moscow region, was sentenced to nine years in jail for a series of rapes. The dentist was also poisoning his victims with large doses of a neuroleptic drug – azaleptine - which he obtained at work. To crown it all, the dentist committed the crimes with the help of his first victim. The young woman was playing tetris nearby while the rapist was satisfying his lust.

The rumors about the maniac who deprives his victims of their memory appeared in the south of the Moscow region in the beginning of 2005. Victims were filing police reports one after another claiming that they had been raped. However, none of them could recollect anything about the rapist – neither his description, nor the place where it all happened. The police were eventually led to believe that they were facing a case of mass hysteria.

Sisters Oksana and Zhanna G. filed their police report in January 2005. The girls said that they had befriended a pretty girl who asked them to show her the town. The girl told the sisters that they could take a car ride for the tour. The driver bought the sisters some juice, and they could not remember any other detail afterwards.

Zhanna, 19, came to her senses lying on the frozen ground near garages. Her 17-year-old sister Oksana recovered at a bus stop because of the strong pain in the groin. Doctors later confirmed that the two girls had been raped. The sisters could not help the police in the investigation – they did not remember anything.

The reason of their forgetfulness was unveiled soon afterwards. The drug, which the criminal used, produced the effect of short-term memory loss. Alexandrov had a legal access to azaleptine – he was a practicing dentist.

Luckily, the two girls could recollect the grocery store, where the rapist bought them juice. Surveillance cameras helped the police identify the criminal.

It was later determined that Alexandrov and another pedophile from the Kaluga region raped and murdered an 11-year-old girl and burnt the girl’s body. Afterwards, the two pedophiles raped and murdered a boy. The two cases are currently under investigation, which means that the dentist will be sentenced to several more decades in jail in addition to his recent nine-year conviction.

The dentist’s associate, a 25-year-old girl named as Maria Minayeva, was arrested too. The police were shocked to find out that the girl began to help the maniac after he had raped her. Minayeva was sentenced to 3.5 years.

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov