Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Man brutally kills pregnant dog for no particular reasons

The case of a man who killed a pregnant dog in front of its owner’s very eyes has been taken to court in Samara, Russia.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor of Samara approved the indictment against Vyacheslav Lazarev, who had been charged with the brutal murder of the animal, Interfax reports.

Lazarev began to beat the dog named Lada while the dog was on the leash. The man was beating the animal with a steel pipe. The incident took place in the yard of an apartment building in Samara.

“The owner of the dog ran out of the building to protect her pet. The woman asked the man to stop beating her dog and said that it was heavily pregnant, but Lazarev continued slaughtering the dog and threatened to kill the woman too,” a police officer said.

The dog died as a result of numerous injuries. It was later determined that Lazarev had committed the crime in a state of alcoholic intoxication. The man said that he simply wanted to beat the dog and had no other reason to explain his actions.

It is an open secret that such incidents of inexplicable brutality against animals occur frequently. The most notorious one of them took place in Moscow in 2001, when a top model stabbed a mongrel dog to death for no particular reason. Model Yulia Romanova, aged 22 at the time, stabbed the dog publicly at one of the stations of the Moscow metro. The dog, named as Malchik (meaning ‘boy’ in Russian), died on the site.

Malchik was a black mongrel dog, the size of a police dog (pictures). The animal was living quite happily in that area: owners of flower and tobacco shops and employees of the metro station would always bring some food to the dog.

The dog killer came from a common Russian family: the 22-year-old girl Yulia Romanova was a top model. According to eyewitnesses, the girl was walking along the subway with her Staffordshire terrier. The girl was looking quite glamorous: she was wearing a hat made of black velvet, a blue fur-trimmed coat, a short skirt and tall boots.

Very unexpectedly, the girl started setting her terrier on Malchik that was sleeping there in the subway. As her dog was getting more and more furious, the girl decided to take part in the fight as well. Romanova pulled a knife out of her purse and stabbed the mongrel dog six times in his back, chest and stomach. The dog died several minutes later.

The horrible incident of human brutality received an extensive coverage in the Russian media. “It was really the talk of the day back then. A group of artists decided to address to the administration of the Moscow metro to support the idea of placing a monument to the killed dog near the station. The monument would symbolize a protest against human cruelty,” the chairwoman of the center for protection of animal rights, Irina Novozhilova, told Interfax. A lot of well-known Russian actors and public figures joined their efforts to establish a special council for the project, which was eventually entitled “Sympathy.”

The work resulted in the creation of a monument, which was made with the help of the money donated from both Russian and foreign citizens.