Badger attacks baby and eats its face

Vasily Pospelov brought a tiny badger home from the forest one day – the animal was lying underneath bushes there and whining. The man’s wife, Marina, was pregnant at that time, but she did not mind having a badger at home. The two began to take care of the animal, feeding it cow milk from a medicine dropper, trying to give the badger as much love and warmth as they could. They named the new pet as Fedya.

The Pospelovs continued to release the badger from its cage on a regular basis when Marina gave birth to a boy. They liked watching the animal running about the flat. Vasily’s sister, Nadezhda, arrived to visit the happy parents two weeks after birth. Nadezhda came with her own baby – a 1.5-month-old boy, whom she was raising alone.

One day Vasily and Marina went out shopping and took their child along. They left Nadezhda at home with her baby. The woman put her baby to bed to sleep and went outside to take a breath of fresh air.

Several minutes later the woman heard the heartbreaking scream of her baby. She rushed back home and saw the baby lying on the floor in a pool of blood. The badger was sitting on top of the boy, biting his face. Nadezhda grabbed the beast and tossed it aside. The badger bristled and attacked the woman back. The neighbors, who heard the screams and came running to help, said that they had to take quite an effort to shove the rabid beast back into the cage.

The young mother was weeping over the mutilated body of her little son: the boy’s face was all covered with lacerated wounds – the badger had eaten out soft tissues entirely. An ambulance arrived to take the baby to the local hospital, but the baby died on the way.

Vladimir Simakov, a senior doctor of the local vet hospital said that they decided to put the animal down. Most likely, the doctor said, the badger was very hungry because it was getting mostly milk. The woman was breastfeeding the baby, and the sweet smell near the baby’s bed attracted the animal to the boy.

“The badger is a dangerous predator. It is highly irresponsible to keep this animal at home as a pet. It will attack people sooner or later. A flat will never be a home for wild animals. Even a hedgehog can be extremely dangerous for it transmits a whole bouquet of contagious diseases,” the doctor said.

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov