There is only one secret about women’s silliness

Most men believe that all women are silly. If men have any problems with women, their wives, lovers or female acquaintances, they receive only one reaction from other men – “What do you want from them, they are women.”

Women’s stupidity is a broad subject. Women can be silly, foolish, and there are silly little things among women too. All these and other notions designate absolutely different aspects of silliness in women. It is very hard for all men to distinguish the subtle difference between the above-mentioned types of women. It may often take a man many days and even years to understand that he married a completely silly woman.

There are women who like to make their family life become a theater stage. They would often have tantrums and say things like “I do not want to be another woman on your list. You know how to play the strings of woman’s soul.” Such a drama.

There are women who constantly search for problems and can not live without them. They would find your old photographs and ask questions about all of your previous relationships. Why would they do that ? Because they are stupid .

There are confident women, who like to stay independent in everything. Such ladies prefer to demonstrate their independence all the time. They would pay for a man in a restaurant, call a cab, they say that they would like to raise a child alone, without a man, and they like the word ‘chauvinism’. Such women do not need men.

There are incidents when a woman wears the mask of independence to conceal her fears and delicacy. Such women can be categorized as silly little things. They need care and attention because they feel lonely.

There are many other types of silly women: strange and bubbly, sad and scared, persistent and pliable. Every experienced man would have his own description for them. The thing is that silly and foolish men can be found just as frequently.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov