Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Police arrest McDonald’s pedophiles in Moscow

The Moscow police have recently arrested two pedophiles, one of whom was known as ‘Big Mac.’ The perverts would lure their victims into a trap with the help of McDonald’s sandwiches.

The two men were hunting for boys aged from 7 to 14, picking presumably those from unhealthy families.

“They would first invite boys for a walk and then go to eat at McDonald’s. Afterwards, they would invite them to their home to play a new computer game together. They would add alcohol into children’s drinks and rape them,” a police officer said. “The kids nicknamed one of the criminals as ‘Big Mac’ because he would always buy them this sandwich,” he officer added.

The rapists were nabbed for their habit of taking the victims to McDonald’s restaurants. “This eventually helped us track them down,” the police said.

Pedophiles often use food to attract children. A rapist was arrested in February in the republic of Tatarstan, who lured schoolgirls with potato chips and lemonade. The 29-year-old man attempted to jump out of the window when the police broke into his apartment.

The arrested man approached a 9-year-old girl, who was coming back home from school, on February 9 and offered her some chips and lemonade. The girl agreed and followed the man into an apartment building, where he raped her.

The pedophile was filmed on camera in the store, where he bought the chips and the drink, which helped the police identify him. His photo was aired on local TV channels, and the police received calls from people whose children also suffered from his criminal actions as well as from those who recognized the man as their neighbor.

In Malaysia, the police arrested a 53-year-old criminal in 2007, who managed to molest a ten-year-girl with apples six times.

Child molesters may also attract children’s attention and interest when they tell them that they have puppies or rabbits to show them nearby.

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