Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Rolls-Royce becomes available as luxury taxicab in Moscow for 480 dollars an hour

A special VIP taxi service has recently begun offering its services to wealthy Muscovites. The service has only luxury cars in its car fleet - Maybach, Rolls-Royce, Maserati and others. The choice of a luxury car depends strictly on the amount that a passenger would be ready to spend for a ride, reports.

Wealthy Muscovites have developed a great fondness for expensive luxury cars during the recent years. Entrepreneurs did not miss a new opportunity and created the VIP tax service, which begins to win more and more popularity among well-to-do Moscow residents.

The owners of the luxury cars adorned their vehicles with conventional taxi checkers to attract even more attention to their services in the streets of Moscow. Passers-by can hardly believe their eyes when they see a Maserati cab, many start taking pictures of such a wonder cab right on the spot.

Porsche services are the cheapest on the price list of the VIP taxi. An hour-drive will cost 3,500 rubles ($140), whereas a Maybach will cost 8,500 an hour ($340). Rolls-Royce will be the most expensive one – 12,000 rubles an hour ($480).

The new service already enjoys a high demand in Moscow despite the unimaginably high prices. People may order luxury cars as a token of respect to meet a guest of honor, a client or a partner at an airport. The owners of the service say that they already suffer from the lack of cars.

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