Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Mummified woman owes 13,000 dollars for her apartment in Ukraine

The body of an old woman, who died in her apartment, was staying there for ten years. No one reported anything regarding the disappearance of an elderly woman. Neighbors were forced to go to the police only after a water pipe breakdown occurred in the apartment where no one lived, as they thought.

The people who live next door to the deceased lady believed that the woman had been taken to a nursing home. Others said that the lady had gone to her relatives in another town.

Those who remembered the woman told the police that the lady, named as Eleonora, was leading a secluded way of life and hardly ever communicated with her neighbors. They said that the last time when they had seen her was many years ago, in 1997.

The mummified body was found in the woman’s apartment. Forensic experts did not find any bodily injuries on the body that could testify to violent death.

No one in the building smelled anything: the window of the apartment, in which the lady died, was open all the time.

“The body has been entirely dehydrated and mummified. It’s only skin and bones, police officers of the Donetsk region of Ukraine said.

Communal services have been counting the lady’s debt all the time since her death. The debt now amounts to nearly $13,000.