Author`s name Alex Naumov

Man survives electric shock of 6,000 volts and recovers completely

Kurman Putkaradze, a 45-year-old builder, survived the electric shock of 6,000 volts. The incident occurred due to the fault of a tower crane operator. He did not notice the crane lever touching a high-voltage line nearby. Kurman grabbed the hook to detach the cargo hanging on the lever and was struck with electric current.

The electric discharge went into the ground having left a hole in the victim’s foot. When at hospital, medics pronounced the man dead and were about to send the body to a morgue. Luckily, they heard the man’s heart beating weakly. They sent the patient to the district hospital in the city of Nalchik, where the man stayed in the intensive care unit for a month.

“Kurman came to his senses completely,” physician Vladimir Dygov said. “Not only started he talking, but he could speak three languages at once: Balkar, which is his mother tongue, Russian and Kabardian,” the doctor said.

The builder had to undergo another operation soon afterwards. The damage, caused by electric current, resulted in the development of pleurisy. Doctors had to pump fluid out of his lungs.

Kurman Putkaradze has recently returned home to his wife and children.

“This is an incredible occurrence. A man has survived such a strong electric shock, preserved his memory and all his skills. I think that he will soon be able to lead his usual lifestyle, like he did before,” doctor Dygov said.