Author`s name Alex Naumov

Russian enthusiasts build monster car

Everyone who likes to spend their free time out of town knows that it is not the location that is important, but the vehicle that can take you directly to that location. Alexander Mishukov is not the one to put this issue to question – he is ready to travel hundreds of kilometers to reach a remote place for fishing or duck shooting.

Alexander and his friends have traveled on both domestic and foreign vehicles, but many of them have proved to be too weak to overcome natural obstacles. The men finally decided to make the vehicle that would always be capable of taking them to the impassible wilderness.

Such ideas usually occur to those, who enjoy the reputation of weirdoes. It took the friends 14 years to materialize their plans. They managed to get a group of scientists involved in the project. The new vehicle made its first trip in 2002. The vehicle proved that it would be good for all kinds of roads, even if they would be made of mud.

The off-road vehicle, created by the enthusiasts from Novosibirsk, is capable of developing the speed of 120 km/h. More importantly, it can find a road even in those places, where a road does not exist per se. It can travel across mountains, swaps and sands. The vehicle was called Turuldyka.

“We would like to attract attention to this vehicle. We are going to patent it and hope that such vehicles will be launched into serial production some day. I think that Russia needs such vehicles. They can come in handy in small towns and villages, which become isolated from the rest of the world every winter and autumn,” Alexander Mishukov said.