Author`s name Alex Naumov

Rabid badger attacks Russian woman

A female resident of St. Petersburg, who came to visit the Pskov region of Russia, was attacked by a rabid badger. The sick animal bit the woman’s legs and most likely infected her with a dangerous disease.

A regional center for Hygiene and Epidemiology said that the incident took place in the village of Obruchye of the Pskov region. The beast ran into the yard of the house, which the woman from St. Petersburg owned. The woman used a stick to defend herself against the vicious guest.

When the animal bit the woman in the leg, she cried for help. A man living nearby rushed to help his neighbor and killed the animal.

The dead body of the animal was sent for an expertise. Veterinary doctors determined that the badger was infected with rabies.

“The woman refused vaccinations and left for St. Petersburg putting her life at great risk,” Vzglyad newspaper quoted and official from the above-mentioned center.

Twelve incidents of rabies have been found in the Pskov region during the recent six months. Most frequently, the dangerous infection was found with raccoons, wolves, foxes and badgers.

The dangerous disease threatens Moscow citizens as well. Russian Surgeon General, Gennady Onischenko, said that incidents of rabies became more frequent with humans recently. Two Muscovites have already died of the disease, reports.

Onischenko recommends not to approach suspicious animals “If you saw a fox wandering in a settlement in broad daylight, it means that it is a sick fox, because a healthy animal would never enter people’s territory,” the official said.

Mongrel dogs may spread the dangerous infection too. There are between 20-40 thousand homeless dogs living in Moscow. Gennady Onischenko believes that authorities must take efforts to destroy such animals.

“They are a mechanism to transmit this terrible incurable pathology to humans,” he said.