Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Average Russian needs 100 dollars to feel comfortable

An average Russian needs to have 2,900 rubles ($125) in his or her pocket to feel comfortable when going out, the Noviye Izvestia newspaper reports. This amount of money is an average situation. A younger Russian would need to take a bit more along – 3,280 rubles ($142), whereas a pensioner would be happy with 1,970 rubles ($85). A Russian man usually takes 3,280 rubles ($142), when he leaves home, whereas a Russian woman takes 2,580 rubles ($112) when she goes out.

About 54 percent of the polled said that they categorized themselves as people who wanted to make as much money as possible. When asked about their efforts to achieve the goal, 36 percent answered that they work hard and take extra jobs.

About four percent of Russians said that they count on their vegetable gardens. Three percent of the polled said that they try to look for high-paid jobs, whereas two percent said that they try to spend less.

The respondents were also offered to complete the phrase: “For me money is…” A half of the polled defined money as the primary condition to satisfy their needs. Nine percent associated money with comfortable and careless life. Five percent said that money was not the most important thing in life for them. Three percent defined money as evil, whereas others said that money means freedom and independence.