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Russian model Ruslana Korshunova died because of 500,000-dollar lawsuit

A 20-year-old model, a native of Kazakhstan, Ruslana Korshunova (pictures), died in New York several days ago. The police believe that the girl committed suicide when she stepped out of the window of her apartment on the 9th storey in Manhattan. The answer to the question of what pushed Ruslana towards such a decision has not been found yet. It is not ruled out, though, that there was someone in her apartment who helped her make the deadly jump.

The US and Russian media discuss several versions of the tragedy. One of them says that Korshunova was suffering from depression because of problems at work and in her personal life. Investigators did not find a suicide note, although the files in her computer can easily replace it. Ruslana wrote shortly before her death that she was terribly missing her home and family. She also wrote about her problems in personal life.

Experts did not find traces of someone else’s skin underneath Ruslana’s nails. US reporters wrote that the girl had given way to despair after a break-up with her boyfriend, Artem Perchenok.

Ruslana’s mother, Valentina Kutenkova, does not believe in her daughter’s suicide. “She told me about her work problems about a year ago. She said that she wanted to quit the modeling business. Everything was fine with her recently though. If she had had problems at work, she would have told me,” the woman said.

Another version of Ruslana’s death says that the girl was murdered. A person known for his screen moniker as R.P. Barr blogged:

“I’ve been to New York and saw reports about suicides falling out of windows. Their bodies fall down not far from the wall of the building. But the girl fell down in the middle of the road. It is impossible to jump that far. Someone strong might have pushed the girl out of the window.”

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The Los Angeles Times wrote that the death of the Russian model might be connected with her desperate wish to break away from the hands of Paris - New York - Moscow mafia. The newspaper wrote that the mafia controls young models and makes them render escort services to wealthy individuals.

Ruslana Korshunova will be buried in her native state, Kazakhstan . Her mother arrived in New York and visited her daughter’s apartment in Water Street . Afterwards, the woman went to a clothing store to buy a funeral dress in which the girl would be buried.

Ruslana’s friends in Kazakhstan try not to read anything about their deceased friend. However, they started to recollect some details which they did not pay any attention to before.

“We met Ruslana when she came to Alta-Ata (the capital of Kazakhstan ) in May. She looked happy and open, as usual. She once mentioned in passing that she had sued her agents who embezzled a big part of her fees - $500,000,” one of Korshunova’s friends said.

Elena Yermolayeva, the Director General of Point modeling agency in Russia , said in an interview with the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper that many models in the West have to deal with many incidents of financial fraud.

“Models get often deceived in the West. Russian girls who leave the country to work abroad often complain of such things. As a rule, if a model achieves success, she leaves a big agency and hires a personal agent. The agent will then conduct all negotiations as far as photo sessions and fashion shows are concerned. Such agents keep contractual amounts a secret and issue only a voucher to the model. Models have a tough life. They need to keep up a good shape all the time. Most of girls starve themselves, some of them take pills. Many of them suffer from depression against such a sad background,” Elena Yermolayeva said.

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