Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Russian top model dies in Manhattan being unable to find herself

Ruslana Korshunova, a 20-year-old top model, a native of Kazakhstan (Central Asia’s former republic of the USSR) plunged from the ninth floor of her Manhattan apartment on June 28.

“We are deeply shocked, our hearts are with her family,” a spokesperson for the IGM agency, with which Korshunova worked, told reporters.

The Kazakh beauty, a fairytale princess wrote on a blog: “Love is dazzling, it takes your soul. Love is the answer to eternity.” “One should not mix up love and passion. Love is the sun, and passion is just a flare. Flare can blind you, but the sun can give you life. Love cannot be taken from one and given to another. Love is the essence of life, but you will never be able to give your life to someone else,” the model wrote.

Her most expressive opinion appeared about three months ago: “I am so lost. Will I ever find myself?”

Korshunova (pictures) appeared very sad on many of her photographs. “I am a bitch. I am a witch. I don’t care what you might say. I know what it is. I know why my relationship has not been successful because I am unpredictable. Why are you so afraid of it?” the model wrote in March of this year.

“It hurts when someone takes a part of it and then throws it away without compassion. My dream is to fly. Oh, my rainbow, it is so high,” she wrote in January.

Ruslana Korshunova watched The Ghost in her apartment in a compny of her ex-boyfriend on June 28 in New York. Her friends say that they could see nothing in her behavior to predict the tragedy.

“She came home in the morning smiling. There was not even a hint of depression. She was a kind girl, she was always smiling and she never looked sorrowful,” the doorkeeper of Korshunova’s building said.

One of her friends believes that the police should investigate the version of murder. “Maybe it was all plotted in advance. Ruslana loved life, and we all here ask one and the same question now: “Why did you do that?” It is very sad that her life ended at 20,” an unidentified woman said.

Ruslana Korshunova started her career three years ago. A young model collaborated awith such legendary houses as Christian Dior, Kenzo, Moschino, etc. Korshunova worked with Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer and participated in world’s most prestigious fashion events. Vogue magazine published an article about Ruslana Korshunova in 2005. Ruslana was also known for her image of a woman picking an apple from a tree in Nina Ricci TV commercial.

Ruslana Korshunova was born in Alma-Ata, Kazakh SSR, and was of Russian descent. She spoke fluent Russian, English, and German. She was discovered in 2003, when All Asia magazine printed a story on Almaty's local German language club, which Korshunova was then attending. Her photograph, which was featured in the article, caught the attention of Debbie Jones of Models 1, who tracked down and signed up the then 15-year-old Korshunova.

Korshunova was represented by IMG (New York, Paris, London, and Milan), Beatrice (Milan), Traffic Models (Barcelona), Marilyn Models and iCasting Moscow, which was her mother agency. Korshunova modeled for the covers of Elle (France), Vogue (Poland), and Vogue (Russia). She also modeled in print-ads for Blugirl by Blumarine, Clarins, Ghost, Girbaud, Kenzo Accessories, Marithé & François, Max Studio, Moschino, Old England, Pantene Always Smooth, Paul Smith and Vera Wang lingerie.

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