Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Dungeon sex slaves and their masters

The story of the Austrian sex manic Joseph Fritzl, who kept his daughter Elizabeth in a dungeon for 24 years as a sex slave has headlines of countless TV reports and newspapers all over the world. His own daughter gave birth to six incest children in the basement of the house where the “father” was keeping her. He accommodated three of those children upstairs in the house and visited the rest in the basement every night. One child died at a very young age, which did not stop Fritzl from burning the body in the oven where his wife Rosemarie was baking biscuits for holidays.

The story struck everyone’s imagination with the term, during which the victim was kept in the cellar – 24 years. The world has already been terrified with a similar story, which also took place in Austria a couple of years ago with 18-year-old Natascha Kampusch. A 44-year-oild engineer Wolfgang Priklopil was holding Natascha his hostage for eight years under similar conditions.

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A story like that has happened in Russia too. Two young women, natives of the city of Ryazan – Lena and Katya - were released from their sultry dungeon, which worker Viktor Molokhov made underneath his garage. However, the girls spent three and a half years in sex slavery, which obviously pales in comparison with 24 years of hell the Austrian girl had been through.

The Austrian dungeon was more “comfortable” than the pit underneath the garage in a remote Russian town of Skopin. Fritzl was holding his daughter in a bunker of two rooms, a kitchen (55 square meters) and a shower. There was a washing machine in the bunker too. The garage pit (only five square meters) in Skopin only had two beds, an electric stove and a plastic bucket instead of the toilet bowl.

Stories about home prisons continue to surface on a regular basis. Tragedies like these have occurred in such countries as France, Belgium, Hungary and others. One may say that it has already become a trend.

The owners of those underground prisons have one thing in common. They all wanted to hold absolute power over human beings in their hands. They all wanted to build their own tiny world, which they could rule.

Psychologists examining Joseph Fritzl said that the man had the most extreme form of selfishness. Fritzl told them that he liked the feeling of being God. On the other hand, Fritzl realized the secret dream of many people, specialists say.

Fritzl started building his cellar in 1978 when he received an allowance from the government for the construction of a bomb shelter (in case of a nuclear attack).

Amstetten, a quiet little town in Austria, where the tragedy took place, would have never become an attraction for journalists. Now when Fritzl has been captured, local residents found a way to entertain themselves giving interviews to reporters. All of them are ready to talk to the press every day, pretending that it is such a hardship for them to do.

It is extremely hard to believe that Joseph Fritzl’s wife Rosemarie was never aware of what was happening in her own home. Locals try to defend the woman saying that she got married at age 17 so she was always working for her family.

The house in Amstetten will most likely be demolished to make everyone forget about the hideous story. Some locals say that a more terrible story may shock the world some day soon, and everyone will forget about the quite little town in Austria.

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