Author`s name Alex Naumov

Cat gets its jaw sewn

Combative dog called Riff tore off the jaw of a 4-yer old cat Vasya.

The cat’s owner Valentina says: “We don’t usually let him out for a walk – he is albino and we’re scared he will be stolen. But this time I went outside to put away the trash and it seems that Vasya used this moment to sneak away. Outside there was a dog called Riff, who used to be Vasya’s bitter enemy. They used to fight to death when they were small. Now their battle was also bloody. I just saw Vasya’s teeth in a mess”.

Valentina immediately rushed to the hospital. When vet Ludmila Litovec saw the poor pet, she was shocked. Every minute was precious for him. They immediately started surgery. It lasted for 2 hours. Doctors installed metal brackets in the jaw of the cat and made over 50 stitches.

Now Vasya is heading for a long recovery – at least half a year. He will have to forget about any solid food for half a year –only preserves and mush. But the owner isn’t upset. She says it’s not by chance that people say: a cat has 9 lives.


Translated by Lena Ksandinova

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