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Prayers indeed heal diseases, scientists say

People indeed can recover in temples when they touch holy relics or sanctuaries. St. Petersburg scientists have proved it and discovered the “material” mechanism of divine phenomena.

“A prayer is a powerful remedy, said Valery Slezin, Head of the laboratory of neuropsychophysiology of St Petersburg Research and development Psychoneurological Institute n.a. Bekhterev. “It does not only regulate all the processes in the human organism, but it also restores the damaged structure of consciousness.”

Professor Slezin did something unbelievable – he measured the power of prayer. He recorded electroencephalograms of praying monks and fixed an unusual phenomenon – the complete “switch-off” of their cerebral cortex. This state can be observed only with babies aged three months when they are near their mother in complete safety. As a person grows up, the feeling of safety disappears, brain activity increases and the rhythm of cerebral biocurrents become rarer only during deep sleep and during a prayer, as the scientist proved. Valery Slezin called this unknown state slow, or praying, wakefulness and proved that it is vital for any person.

It is a known fact that diseases are mostly caused by negative situations and offenses that stick in our mind. However, during a prayer worries move to the background or even disappear at all. Thus, both moral and physical healing is possible.

Even church services help to improve health. Engineer and electrophysicist Angelina Malakhovskaya from the laboratory of medical and biological technologies carried out above thousand research to find out clinical health characteristics of parishioners before and after the service. It turned out that a service in a temple normalizes the blood pressure and blood values.

Prayers may neutralize even radiation. It is known that after the Chernobyl explosion radiation instruments returned an off-scale reading. However, radiation background was normal near The Archistratigus Michael church that is four kilometers away from reactors. St. Petersburg scientists confirmed by experiments that the holy water, the sign of the cross and ringing of church bells may be healing as well. That is why, in Russia the bells were constantly ringing during epidemics.

The ultrasound range of bell ringing kills viruses of flue, jaundice and typhus: proteins of viruses curl and carry no infection, said Angelina Malakhovskaya. The sign of cross is even more effective, it kills pathogenic microbes (colon bacillus and staphylococci) not only in tap water, but also in rivers and lakes. It is even more efficient than modern disinfecting devices of electromagnetic radiation.

The scientific laboratory of Industrial and Naval Medicine Institute researched water before and after consecration. It turned out that if the Lord’s Prayer is read over water and the water is crossed then, the number of malignant bacteria will be one hundred times lower. Electromagnetic radiation gives much worse results. Thus, Orthodox recommendations to consecrate any food and drink is not just of spiritual and also of preventive character.

The holy water is not just purified; it changes its structure, become harmless and healing. Special devices can prove that.

Spectrographs suggest that consecrated water has greater optical density, as if it understood the sense of prayers and kept it. That is the reason for its unique healing quality.

The only limitation is that it heals only pious people.

“Water differentiates the level of people’s belief,” Angelina Malakhovskaya said. “When a priest consecrates water, the optical density is 2.5 times more, when it is done by a religious layman, it is only 1.5 times more, but with a christened and unbelieving man without a cross on his neck, the changes were insignificant.”

Arguments and Facts

Translated by Julia Bulygina

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