Paris Hilton pays 8500 dollars for ruined hotel room in Moscow

After wild partying and rest in Moscow, socialite Paris Hilton was charged 200 thousand rubles (8500 US dollars) by the members of a luxurious hotel ‘Ararat Hyatt’. Party diva spoiled extremely expensive wallpapers in the presidential premium-class hotel room with the cost of 384000 rubles (16 thousand dollars) per night.

To make things worse, the scandalous heiress of a hotel ‘Hilton’ empire was put down in a black list of the hotel.

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The hotel staff, wished to remain anonymous, said this happened the day Paris Hilton and her 16-year old Russian friend Kira Plastinina, a fashion designer and a millionaire’s daughter, was visited by the son of a hotel owner after long-lasting shopping. The reckoning for their small 3-hour party was 60000 rubles (2500 dollars) – all for alcohol beverages. They ordered extremely expensive champagne and vodka. They had so much fun that other hotel residence didn’t know how to cope with loud talking and laughter.

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Naturally, Hilton couldn’t imagine that this will lead to such consequences. Before Paris was to leave, she had a rough talk with the hotel manager. The scandalous guest was warned: in case she doesn’t pay off the bill she will never be allowed to lodge in the hotel. Note that “Ararat Park Hyatt” doesn’t compete with the worldwide chain of Hilton hotels because there isn’t any in Moscow, and so is very popular with Paris Hilton during her trips to Russian capital.


Translated by Lena Ksandinova

Author`s name Alex Naumov