Cat-parachutist to jump from 2,5-mile height

A unique cat-parachutist called Malysh is getting ready to take on new peak: he is about to make a parachute jump from a 2,5-mile height. Some time before a 60-year old retired man Vladimir Kulikov and his pet bailed out from the height of more than half a mile.

Malysh used to be a phlegmatic that had a very lazy life and liked to have a nap after the meals. Things all changed when the cat returned to the ground from the sky. He literally woke up from an inactive way of life. Passive with pussy cats before, Malysh now is a № 1 masher. The pussy cat Marusya that for many years has unsuccessfully been trying to arouse his curiosity, now suffers from his too intensive attention.

The cat’s host just laughs. He says, it a good way to develop himself, because soon the super-cat is to face a more difficult challenge – a jump from a 2, 5- mile height. Kulikov proudly says he sewed the parachute for the cat himself. 6 days of sewing was a real pleasure for him.

Kulikov took the jump seriously and developed its detailed plan. The man jumps out of the helicopter with a cat tied to him. After Kulikov’s parachute opens up, he will slowly unwrap Malysh’s parachute. After it fills with air, the man will untie the cat and let him fly by himself.

Each day the man trains the cat for the future jump. He puts a combination on the pet and starts rocking him back and forth. “Malysh is a born flier”, - the man claims. “These flights do good on him. Take for instance that pussy cat…”


Translated by Lena Ksandinova

Author`s name Alex Naumov