People marry animals trying to find happiness

It is a known fact that people can do a lot in order to catch public attention, for example, to go to the Star Factory or to organize protest actions. Alliances between people and dogs, horses, phantoms and snakes seem to have the same roots. But it turned out that this phenomenon has other reasons.

If you want happiness, you will love even a goat. So people marry animals to avoid a bad lot. However, it is unknown whether marriage with a goat is happy or not, but there are quite a few marriages with dogs. For example, in June 2003 a nine-year-old Indian girl married a mongrel. This event brought together about 100 people who behaved as if they were at a human wedding – they danced and drank. It should be noted that there were not fewer people there than at any Hollywood wedding.

Another incident occurred in Nepal in 2004. A 75-year-old man married a dog to provide himself a guarantee of immortality. However, this alliance seemed to be unhappy. Several days later the old man died. In fact, India is a valuable source for shocking news. Its customs to marry “saint basil” prove that once again. Before a man marries a woman for the second time, he must marry grass to provide potency and well-being for the rest of his life.

A troubled conscience may force anyone to offend a dog. Indian man Selvakumar is not an exception. Once he killed a dog and hung its body on a tree. When he became 33, he repented and decided to marry a dog as atonement. His relatives found him a bride, dressed the dog in a red sari and married the couple in a Hindu ceremony.

There is a legend that sailors who fell overboard turn into dolphins. Such “a sailor” married 41-year-old British rock-concert producer Sharon Tendler. In 2005 she married Cindy, a 35-year-old dolphin, who lived in the Eilat dolphinarium in Israel. Cindy met his betrothed 15 years ago and since then he has seen her three times a year. The story ended with a wedding where the bride was wearing a white silk dress. After the marriage the wife dived into the water to her husband and whispered “I love you”. They spent their first conjugal night playing with a ball.

Unfortunately, the dolphin died in seven months and Sharon buried her beloved in the sea.

Practically at the same time when Cindy died an Indian woman from Orissa decided to marry a snake. Their relations started due to the illness of the would-be bride. According to her, she managed to convalesce because he fed the reptile with milk every day. At that time she fell in love with the cobra and married him in a Hindu ceremony before 2,000 guests to prove her love.

Naturally, it has its name – zoophilia. Men and women had sex with animals throughout the whole history of mankind. There are writingsthat evidence sex of people with goats, sheep, dogs, horses and other mammals. But the stories of their weddings are few. Such a story happened in a Sudanese city Hai Malakal in February of 2006. Mr. Tombe was caught by Mr. Alifi having sex with his goat Rose. The perpetrator was thus ordered to pay a $50 ransom and marry the goat. Mr. Tombe did not bring himself to contradict his future relatives and married the goat.

Another story of marriage between a man and an artiodactyl occurred in the USA. Jerry Spinger tried to unravel the mystery of these relations in his talk-show in 1988. But he failed, for the legal zoophilia seemed too outstanding for directors of some TV channels. So the show was not broadcast. That’s why millions of Americans were not aware of a five-year marriage between their compatriot and horse Pixel.

Of course, it is very audacious to declare your alliance with an animal. But to marry a corpse and to take a vow of chastity is not the most cowardly deed. Such marriages are wide-spread in Taiwan and China. There are several reasons for that.

A live girl may marry a corpse if it was her fiancé or she remained on the shelf and became a burden to her parents. A man usually marries a bodiless girl due to the custom of the right for the first marriage. In these countries a younger brother may not marry earlier than the elder one. That is why if an elder brother has not found a bride and a younger brother is eager to marry, a ghostly sister-in-law appears in that family.

Such weddings are held according to all rules of an ordinary wedding; a live husband is obliged to be faithful to his dead wife. During the wedding a ghost secures a body of wood, paper or bamboo. But this puppet is dressed in accordance with the ceremony.

It is also known that some families do not want a bamboo puppet of their sons-in-law or daughters-in-law, but prefer a real corpse. According to the Chinese Hua Sheng Bao, recently buried people are much more expensive than “old” ones and cost four-five thousand dollars. This trade is illegal, of course, but we know, demand breeds supply. In 1989 the Time correspondent Michael Kramer managed to attend at such a wedding in China, where the fiancé’s relatives bought for three dollars a body of the bride who dies five months ago.

It is clear that for such weddings people do not go to the registry office and do not sign in a marriage certificate. Moreover, such a marriage is not officially authorized in any country of the world. But historically, marriage is an alliance, about which the newly-married couple informs the public at large. So taking into account the large number of guests at these ceremonies this is the real marriage.


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Author`s name Alex Naumov