Author`s name Alex Naumov

Mummified woman found in her flat 13 years after her death

Praskovya died at the age of 67. It seems she decided to have a nap after cleaning the house and suddenly died. The dead body would continue to lie in the apartment, but it was found by chance by the representatives of house maintenance department.

The house where Praskovya used to live got the canalization damaged. The representatives of house maintenance department wanted to ask Praskovya if she had any problems with canalization. They have been knocking on the woman’s door several times and finally decided to call the police. The police was shocked to see the mummy of the woman lying on the sofa. It was covered with parchment-like tissue - for 13 years it has completely decayed.

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Victor Marichev, the woman’s neighbor, reveals: “She disappeared long time ago. At first we thought that she was in hospital, and then…just forgot about her”.

An expertise proved that the woman died precisely 13 years ago. The window leaf in her apartment was open, that’s why the neighbors never felt the terrible smell, reports. 

Translated by Lena Ksandinova