Author`s name Alex Naumov

Gates to the future become reality this spring

A trip to the future, the most sacred dream of people around the world, will become reality this spring. The doors to the past will be opened by a unique installation that is about to be done in Switzerland. The project, that is going to erase the boundaries between countries, costs 10 bln dollars. Many directors shot movies about trips to the past. The machine made in Switzerland, looks nothing but what we saw on TV.

The possibility to travel in the past is proved by Professor Nikolai Koziryov, who works in the observatory of Pulkovo (Saint - Petersburg). He found out that astronauts observe the light of one the same star from three points – from the past, present and future.

Academician Albert Veinik from Minsk, Bellarus, proposed a hypothesis back in the 70s that the time has a material carrier. He called it “Chronomic zone” and even made a device for its accumulation

Albert assumed that our planet also has a “chronosphere”, so if we learn how to manipulate it, we’ll be able to make a trip to the past.

Albert found inspiration in Egypt. An interesting fact about the life of ancient Egyptians caught his attention: bodies of small animals that got in the central (“Pharaoh”) part of the Great Pyramid became mummy instead of decaying. He understood that the pyramids could accumulate “time substance” in water and solid objects. But he was so frightened of his discovery that he burned down all his notes.

Albert died on the way to church on his name day, when a car came as out of nowhere and hit the scientist. Albert has always been a careful pedestrian and the street that he was walking on was really quiet. Is it bad fate or punishment for trying to turn back time?

The first Russian “time machine” was constructed by the scientists of Moscow Aircraft University. “To keep the machine secret we marked it as a beaver-rat trap”.

To understand, how the machine impacts live creatures, Vadim Chernobrov, an experiment administrator, put cockroaches inside. The insects died. They modernized the machine and put mice inside. The effect on them was the same. Scientists realized what the cause of death was: on different parts of the body time ran with a different speed. They fixed the machine once again and put a puppy called “Lunar Rover” inside. He was inside for 108 minutes. The puppy survived, but behaved like he was having rabies.

Then experiments on people came. Nine scientists, among which was Chernobrov, took part in it. Instruments inside the machine recorded a 3 percent time shift, and changes in machine size. Experiment participants, however, felt nothing but moderate arrhythmia and colored circles in eyes.

‘We came to conclusion that time is 3–dimensional. So in fact we can move in time backwards and forwards”, - says Vadim Chernobrov.

While Russian scientists are just testing the machine, scientists of Switzerland are getting ready to make a true revolution in the world development. The question is: do we really need this revolution?

Translated by Lena Ksandinova