Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Former top model quickly brings French president back to life

Having recently divorced his wife Cecilia, the French President Nicolas Sarkozy seems to be ready for a new love affair. French newspapers and magazines have recently published photos of Nicolas Sarkozy and a famous singer and model Carla Bruni. The couple visited Disneyland and enjoyed, as it can be seen on the photos, their time there.

Neither the president nor his girlfriend were daunted by the numerous paparazzi: the couple leisurely walked along the park alleys and did not seem to be disturbed. Nicolas Sarkozy maintains strained relations with the press after the recent intrusion in his private life. However, the president of France showed no displeasure with photographers having Carla Bruni by his side.

The press service of the presidential administration refused to comment on Nicolas Sarkozy’s relationship with Bruni. The recent issue of Le Figaro newspaper carried the following headline on its front page: “Carla Bruni: The President’s Mistress.” This newspaper is known for its proximity to the French political circles. Thus, there are enough grounds to believe that the president and the singer sympathize with each other.

French journalists noticed at once that Bruni worked as a model, just like Sarkozy’s ex-wife Cecilia. But nobody dares to suggest whether this fact would be of some importance to the president.

It is worthy of note that Nicolas Sarkozy started to attract much more attention of the press after he took office. His relationship with Cecilia was secret to nobody, since the couple made a pretence of marriage only for the election period. The whole of France followed the intrigues in the Elysee Palace with interest and pleasure until Cecilia Sarkozy decided to file for divorce.

The Sarkozys separated after eleven years of marriage. They have a ten-year-old child and children from their previous marriages.

Translated by Ksenia Sedyakina

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