Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Legendary prophetess Vanga was never afraid of death

One winter night a knight in shining armour appeared in a village. He entered a house and uttered: “The world is on the threshold of disaster. Millions of people will die. And you will stand here and prophesy. Do not be afraid! I’ll tell you what you should say.” This phantom visited 30-year-old Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova in January, 1941.

Just like this Vanga started making predictions. Even before that she had abilities to clairvoyance. She could have developed them herself. When she was a child, she thought out a strange game, which irritated her father. Vanga used to put something in the garden or in the house, then put her hands on her eyes and sought for it.

Vanga was known in Bulgaria and abroad, she helped many people from different countries. She could prescribe a medication, warn against false steps and find missing people.

She was blind but saw a lot in past and future. Her house in Rupite at the joint border of Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece is believed to be a source of incredible cosmic energy. This energy must have fed the human phenomenon of Vanga.

Vanga had a very difficult life. However, it was not easy for everybody to live in the age of endless wars and revolutions, dictators and tyrants, poverty and stagnation. Her father was conscripted into the Bulgarian Army during World War I, and her mother died when Vanga was quite young. Vanga was a slim girl with blue eyes and blond hair. She herself thought out games and loved playing "healer" – she prescribed some herbs to her friends.

The family was living a hard life after the war. Her father had an animal farm, and Vanga had to drive the milk-can.

A terrible storm occured one day. The sky was dark and strong wind blew. Lumps of mud, leaves and branches created an enormous vortex cavity. This storm lifted 12-year-old Vanga up and threw her in the field. She was found after a long search. Her eyes were covered with sand. Afterwards, she began to lose sight. No healing gave results. Vanga prayed to God. Soon she became blind but acquired another vision.

Gradually, Vanga learned to orientate herself without eyes, do some simple job and wait no extremely happiness from this life.

Vanga started making predictions when she was 16. She helped her father to find a sheep stolen from his flock. She provided a detailed description of a yard where the animal was being hidden by the thieves.

Vanga had dreamed about some distressing events even before the knight appeared. All these events unfortunately came true.

During World War II Vanga attracted more believers — a number of people visiting her, hoping to get a hint about whether their relatives are alive, or seeking for the place where they died. She advised people how to protect themselves on the battlefields, how to cure themselves with herbs, clay and beeswax, where to find lost things.

Long before world-wide fame Vanga was put in prison. She was confined because she predicted Stalin’s death. But in a year set at liberty – Stalin died. Though, she entrusted such important data as leaders’ obits and global disasters only to a limited group of people. She did not want to scare anyone.

When her brother Vasil joined a partisan party, Vanga cried and begged him not to go, telling him that he would be cruelly killed at the age of 23. But Vasil did not believe her. In October of the same year he surrendered. He was terribly tortured and then shot down. It was very difficult for her to know the destiny and have no means to resist it.

She couldn’t save even her own husband. They lived 20 years together. But Dimitar fell into alcoholism in the last years of their marriage. When he was passing away, Vanga stood on knees by his bed with tears in her eyes. When he died, she fell asleep. After that she said: «I saw him off up to the place where he should be.

Vanga was not afraid of death. She said that there is no death: "I have told you that after death the body decomposes like anything living, but a part of the body – the soul, or something I don’t know how to call, does not decompose. But what remains from a man is his soul. It does not decompose and continues to develop to reach higher states. This is the eternity of soul.”

When dying Vanga was sent to the resuscitation department, she refused any medical treatment. She was in coma her last days. People who were close to her say that death was deliverance for her. She was very tired of people, of real problems and farfetched tragedies, ambitions and unbelief, endless questions and lack of understanding.

Vanga believed that people are born for good works. Bad works never escape punishment. She always tried to do good for people.


Translated by Ksenia Sedyakina