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Men who drive black cars with teddy bears and stereos inside are irresistible for women

It is understood that you have to come up with an effective way of standing out in a crowd if it is made up of dozens of people whose shoes, clothes or neckties look just like those you wear. In case the above accessories fail to impress a member of the opposite sex, you had better take a closer look at your car – the most expensive accessory of all.

Car manufacturers have long noticed that the sexier a car looks, the better it sells. Indeed, those dependable yet nondescript, dumb, small and sexless vehicles do not go like hot cakes. It is only logical that people find certain things sexy in a car. No wonder recent surveys revealed that most women think there is a strong correlation between the size of a man’s car and his ego or his virility, for that matter.

First-level sexuality

The relation between cars and sex is quite obvious. A car can be easily used as a passion wagon

(The slang term refers to a car or van used for purposes of dating or/and seduction). Forget stretch limos with cream leather upholstery – you can feel a thrill when trying a variety of positions even at the back seat of your Skoda or Lada.

Special car parks for the romantically involved on wheels have become quite popular in many countries. The facilities allow couples to make out in the privacy of their cars without breaking the law when it comes to public morals. Americans use outdoor drive-in cinemas for the same purposes, hence another popular slang term for the venue: a passion pit.

Second-level sexuality

Aside from having sex in a car, people can also engage in other sex-related activities, which may seem rather sophisticated. For instance, some try to estimate a car owner’s sexual potential judging by the car he drives. Strangely enough, Fiat 500 was found to be the sexiest car of our time, according to Top Gear’s Top 10 Sexiest Cars List. The findings are truly amazing – does it mean that size does not matter any longer? The Fiat 500 looks like a cross between a Mini and a Volkswagen Beetle. Anyway, the miniature Italian car came in at pole position, leaving behind such predictable brands as Aston Marin and Maserati.

Another survey commissioned by Churchill insurance company found that the right color of a car was far more important than its shape or size for women. More than 50 percent of the respondents said they would try to have a closer look at a driver and would probably flirt with him if the color of his car took their fancy. Three-quarters of women said the color of a car was the key to their attitude toward a driver. Last but not least, one out of ten respondents admitted having a date with a man because the color of his car created a favorable impression on her.

Silver was the sexiest color for British women. Perhaps the color silver reminds them of a life full of glamour. Incidentally, cars of the above color are 50 percent less accident prone, according to official statistics on major traffic accidents.

Black came in second in the survey. The color is usually associated with wealth, security and comfort. In a popular pubic stereotype, big black cars are for mobsters or those in highest command. Needless to say, some ladies would not mind keeping company with members of either group.

Third was red, the color of passion, speed and daredevilry. Girls in an age group ranging from 13 to 19 and ladies beyond their prime (above 40) are especially fond of red cars. The color red invokes the feelings relating to youth, a teenage rampage and sex for those under the categories.

Men who drive green, gray or white cars had better have their vehicles painted otherwise if they want to score. According to the survey, green, gray or white cars do not have any sex appeal for women, for a variety of reasons. It is believed that men with a penchant for green will always be clumsy and awkward in their approach to sex. It is also thought that the color gray is preferred by those who are indecisive. Some researchers claim that men who drive brown cars are the philanderers and flirts.

The last warning goes to those whose cars are the color violet. Violet is the least popular color with male drivers, says the study. Ladies beware: all your efforts may come to naught because a violet driver is likely to prefer a man to a woman.

Sexy car accessories

As regards features that make a car sexier, women are turned on by an expensive and powerful stereo system or a TV set inside the car. Members of the weaker sex also have a liking for various stuffed toys e.g. teddy bears or assorted dice scattered around the back seat. No doubt about it, leather upholstery and a built-in bar loaded with liquor can only enhance the pulling power of a car.


Translated by Guerman Grachev

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