Electromagnetic radiation in large cities jeopardizes human health

People were exposed to electromagnetic radiation later, when electric wires started entangling the world

Electromagnetic radiation is harmful for healthPeople have to sacrifice their health for the advantage to enjoy technical progress and comforts of civilization. It can be especially felt in large cities, where people are often left perplexed about the reasons of their fatigue or never-ending ailments. Electromagnetic radiation – an invisible, inaudible and unexplored field – can be one of those reasons.

First incidents of negative influence of electromagnetic waves on humans were registered in the 1940s and 1950s. All those occurrences were connected with employees of radar stations. Other people were exposed to electromagnetic radiation later, when electric wires started entangling the world.

German, Swedish, Japanese, Italian and many other scientists permanently monitor nonionizing radiation, studying its influence on people. Unfortunately, Russia does not have this work systematically organized. It is still not known, for example, how Russia's major TV tower in Moscow, the Ostankino Tower, affects the people, whose homes are situated in the Ostankino neighborhood.

One may say that the people, who live near the Ostankino Tower, unwillingly became the participants of the unique scientific experiment: the tower has been testing the people for 30 years already with its highly complicated combination of electromagnetic waves.

A group of Russian scientists conducted a series of tests that showed that the level of electromagnetic radiation in the area of the TV tower was a lot higher in comparison with other residential areas of Russia's capital. "One will obviously have to do something about the problem. It would be possible to provide neighboring apartment blocks with radiation-proof windowpanes or grow as much vegetation as possible, etc. However, the work requires considerable investments," candidate of biological sciences, Oleg Grigoryev said.

However, major technological installations such the Ostankino Tower, are not the only source of electromagnetic radiation, which harms people's health. A young female Muscovite was suffering from a variety of diseases for a long period of time. Medical treatment could not help at all: the girl would not recover from her ailments. It turned out later that the bed, on which the girl was sleeping at home, was placed next to the wall that was screening off the power distribution unit, which supplied electric power to the entire 12-storyed apartment building. The young woman was thus sleeping on an electromagnetic bed. She recovered completely when her bed was moved from the dangerous site.

The thorough knowledge of electromagnetism and sanitary norms for nonionizing radiation seems to be the only way to oppose the electromagnetic threat in the modern world. Builders, designers and real estate owners would need to follow such strict regulations to guarantee safety environment to people.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva