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Nessie is not the only monster hiding in big lakes on the planet

The computer-aided dinosaurs used in Steven Spielberg’s movie brought to life the mythological monsters. Information may be true or false. Information may become a “material force” capable of exerting influence on the world when the public are regularly fed with all sorts of information via the press and TV.

“We’re talking about a great sensation! The international scientific expedition has finally caught Loch Ness monster in Scotland,” reported U.S. magazine News recently… As far as we are concerned, we are confident that the legendary “monster” has “swum” to the pages of the magazine from the movie Jurassic Park.

Our experts put forth the following theory as the movie just started grossing millions of dollars in rentals all over the world: “Steven Spielberg’s computer-aided dinosaurs will bring to life other mythological monsters.” The experts proved to be right. Soon the reports began pouring out.

The residents of the village of Campo in Puerto Rico claim a flying dragon visits the place on a regular basis. According to the eyewitnesses – a police officer and a priest – the monster looks like a green kangaroo, it has a hard shell and red eyes shining in the dark. The monster was dubbed Chupacabras. It is reported to have appeared after dark to snap at the dogs and bite their heads off. The monster also reportedly attacked sheep and cows by tearing their throats open to suck on the jugular.

The monster of the Lake of Hanas in China came to light again lately.

There has been no news about the monster since 1985 when some students of the University of Shijiazhuang first noticed a strange big animal moving along the surface of the lake. No other reports on the mysterious monster have come over the last ten years. These days the locals are again spreading rumors about the bloodthirsty monster which is alleged to drag poultry and livestock under the water “to pick a mouthful.” Just recently a dozen eyewitnesses saw a weird creature pop up on the surface in broad daylight.

The legendary monster in Lake Sturs, Sweden, came to life too.

The first reports of the monster lizard were published by local newspapers at the turn of the century. The newspapers said that an unknown species was seen crawling out of water and onto the shore. The monster was reported to have chased the locals around the beach. The residents of a nearby village set a trap for the monster after it scared to death two little girls. Yet the monster never fell into the trap. All the bloodcurdling gossip gradually died away. But more strange tracks were discovered on the beach lately. A number of other reports about the monster followed.

By and large, Loch Ness monster, otherwise known as Nessie, has been above par.

The reports on similar creatures seen in other countries were either a variety of speculations or unconvincing eyewitness accounts. On the contrary, the previously elusive Loch Ness monster has not only exposed itself to photographers who took pictures of it from different angles, it also got into the net for further research, according to the above magazine.

“The latest expedition to Lake Loch Ness was organized by the French Doctor of Zoology Michael Jennet in collaboration with several scientists from Italy, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Norway, United States and Ukraine. The expedition was a success.

The 52-meter-long steel net was lowered into the lake. The scientists used tuna as a bait to trap the creature. There were no developmentsforseveral weeks after the net was unfolded. Then something big made a hole in the net. The scientists repaired the net and modified it by reinforcing the structure. So the net was strong enough to hold the quarry when it finally got trapped the last time,” says the article in News magazine.

“Right now it’s too early to name or classify the monster,” said Dr. Jennet, in an interview to the above magazine. “I believe what we’ve caught is the last dinosaur on Earth. Our divers already made friends with it. They pat it on the head while feeding it some tuna,” said Dr. Jennet.

However, following the release of Jurassic Park and its sequels, the public and scientific community can appreciate that today’s computer technologies can create most incredible mock-ups, and therefore the photographs alone are no longer considered as solid evidence. Unfortunately, the photographic images were the only material evidence pertaining to the latest Loch Ness sensation. We tried to find more information by getting in touch with several cryptozoologists in Russia and Ukraine. They heard nothing about Jennet’s expedition. On the whole, all of them took a rather cautious stance on the issue: “Let’s wait and see.”

It would not be an exaggeration to maintain that scientists still have a lot to learn about the fauna of the world’s seas and oceans. Discoveries reported from time to time indicate that the traditional stories featuring giant sea monsters and octopuses may hold water. For example, the eyes of a large octopus, whose dead body was washed ashore on one of the islands in New Zealand, measured nearly 30 cm in diameter. Its sucker-bearing arms were 12 m long.

A fisherman called Teddy Tucker found the remains of a bulky object of biological origin on the beach of one of the island in the Bermudas in 1988. After examining the find, experts concluded that the creature was 75 m long at the very least.

Bruce Robinson, head of the Oceanographic Institute in California, took pictures of real monsters during his research trip onboard the one-man submarine. The photographs show a few deep-water eels measuring about 40 meters.

There are some mysterious creatures living in bodies of water surrounded by land – if the reports in the press are credible. Below are the geographic locations of “still waters” that run deep:

- Lago Blanco is a lake in Chile. According to numerous eyewitness reports, it still has a large prehistoric reptile.

- Lake Waitorec is located in Australia. Local residents claim they repeatedly saw a large unknown creature in the lake.

- Lake Manipogo is in Canada. The locals reported an unexplained monster seen on location.

- Lake Kol Kol is located in Dzhambul region, Kazakhstan. According to popular beliefs, the “water spirit of Aidakhara” lives in the depths of it. Local shepherds repeatedly saw a giant animal dragging poultry and livestock into the water. A. Pechorsky, a regional specialist, maintains that one day he saw a strange creature as it surfaced from the depths of the lake. According to him, it looked like a giant snake measuring above 15 meters, its head is said to be one meter wide.

- Lake Labynkar is in Yakutia, northeastern part of Russia. According to numerous eyewitness accounts including those reported by helicopter pilots, a giant creature hides in the lake, which is ice-clad for the most part of the year. Locals repeatedly spotted large tracks near the unfrozen patches in an ice-covered surface.

By and large, there is still not a single piece of irrefutable evidence indicating that the above cases are something elsethan ahodgepodge of fish stories, rumors and speculations, to say the least.

We believe the reports on the catching of Nessie that made the headlines as the movie dinosaurs were riding the crest of their popularity should be filed under the same category.

Loch Ness monster is a mystery that has to be unraveled in the foreseeable future. We wish it could be solved in our time. The Loch Ness mystery has been around for more than 60 years. Despite the fact, there is not much information available on the subject. Loch Ness is a lake in northwestern Scotland, near Inverness. It is 23 mi. (37 km) long; maximum depth is 230 meters. Loch Ness monster is a large aquatic animal resembling a serpent or a prehistoric reptile, reported to have been seen in the waters of the lake. It has not been yet proved to exist. According to local authorities, there have been more than 4,000 sightings of the monster since a road was laid in the vicinity of the lake in 1933. There are hundreds of files containing eyewitness reports, dozens of photographs (which may vary in terms of reliability) including underwater footage and assorted readings of echo sounders showing one or several long-necked reptiles seen in their entirety or in part. Several records proved to be phony. The area of the lake is most likely to be a somewhat typical example of an anomalous zone rife with other abnormal phenomena. Numerous sightings of UFOs shaped like an iron were reported far and wide in 1971. A number of underwater expeditions using state-of-the-art equipment and specially trained dolphins have been carried outover the last few years. A research team headed by Dr. McAndrews combed the entire lake using an ultrasonic direction finder for the first time in the summer of 1992. As a result, at least five large live creatures were discovered in the course of research. Those creatures are thought to be giant dinosaurs which somehow managed to survive from the prehistoric time.

I. Boozer who photographed Nessie using laser equipment shares the opinion. He said that the reptile caught on his camera was “extremely smart.” Back in 1969, researchers used Pisces, a submarine equipped with a sonar screen, in an attempt to find the monsters. One more submarine called Viperfish was used at a later period, but to no avail either. The submarine dubbed Time Machine has been used in the research since 1995.

What conclusions should we arrive at?

First and foremost, we should bear in mind that actual events may bring about a response by virtue of newspaper and magazine articles, books, and sci-fi thrillers. A response can work both ways. At times the people can see things that resemble those seen on TV or in the print media.

And we should also take into account the following point of utmost importance: photographs and video footage have ceased to be a reliable piece of documented evidence due to super computers capable of creating any images and mock-ups for various purposes. The point should never be overlooked since we live at a time when more than 90 percent of information is obtained by means of newspapers, magazines, and TV. Another problem is a matter of trust. In other words, are we supposed to buy anything we see on TV? On the other hand, what kind of evidence are we talking about with regard to the catching of Nessie? Are we supposed to hunt it down and send its stuffed body on a world tour or what?


Translated by Guerman Grachev

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