Ghost census took place in Czech Republic

The ghost census was carried out in Liberec region of Czech Republic.

This region was chosen because it teems with ghosts, spirits and other paranormal phenomena.

The most famous ghost in Europe, the White Lady, lives here. Almost all locals in Liberec region can tell different stories about how they met dwarves, black hellhounds with burning eyes and other devilish creatures.

Paranormal phenomena have always been of huge interest and many scientists have been trying their best to solve these mysteries. has recently published an article about the Russian scientist who invented a special camera to take pictures of ghosts. (Read the full text of the article “Russian scientist invents camera to take pictures of ghosts and past”)

Ghosts are generally associated with family castles, predominantly in Great Britain. However according another article there are many ghosts in Russia. Capitals have the majority of them, however, there are also many ghosts in Russian province, local legends and people say. The article suggests the list of Russian cities and places in them where you can easily meet a ghost. (Read the full text of the article “Where ghosts live in Russia”)

Prepared by Alexander Timoshik

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Author`s name Alex Naumov