Petrified scull of an alien found in Russian province

A petrified scull of an alien was found in a small Russian village of Nivenskoe. It was an old lady Tatiana Murachinskaya who found the scull. The scull has two eye-sockets, two nostrils and two holes where ears should be. The scull has rhombic shape. has already published several articles about aliens, UFOs and other strange phenomena. For example, research of the clothes alien Aleshenka (found in the Ural region) was wrapped in, revealed that this creature has nothing in common with human being, it was an alien, Moscow expert on UFOs Vadim Chernobrov said in interview to Chelyabinsk media. This sensation goes back to 1996 to village Kaolinovy near the provincial town of Kyshtym in Chelyabinsk region. (Read the full text of the article “Extraterrestrial visitor in Russian province”)

On October 16th 1957 a 23-year-old Brazilian farmer Antonio Vilas Boas was working on his field, when the engine of his tractor suddenly stopped. In just several minutes the farmer saw a ‘flying disk’ above his head. The spacecraft landed on the field, and Antonio saw three humanoids stepping out. The aliens were approaching the young man. Antonio panicked, he had no idea about the aliens' intention. So made up his mind to fight. The aliens were stronger in number, they dragged the terrified man into their spaceship. They took the farmer's clothes off, tied him up to a metal table and conducted a meticulous medical examination. They apparently found their captive healthy, injected him an unknown substance and left the room. In quite a long time, Antonio recollects, the door opened and he saw a beautiful naked blond. The girl turned the young man on – the farmer was making love to the extraterrestrial female for several hours without saying a word. In one of his interviews to reporters Antonio said: “When she was walking away, she turn around, pointed at her stomach, smiled and pointed up to the sky.” (Read the full text of the article “Sexual contacts with aliens occur frequently”)

A detailed research of a mummified body began in Santiago on December 3, 2003. The body was discovered several weeks ago near Chile’s second district. Back then, careful examination had to be stopped for a month due to financial problems. Obviously, no one utters a word about aliens. However, it appears obvious at first sight that there exist no such creatures in the entire Earth’s biosphere. (Read the full text of the article “Chilean alien twin”)

Prepared by Alexander Timoshik

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Author`s name Alex Naumov