Soviet intelligence used remote viewers to spy on American presidents from afar

Russian experts on history continue to unveil more evidence proving the existence of a special group of remote viewers used by Soviet authorities. A prominent scientist, doctor of psychology and philosophy, one of the authors of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia, Alexander Spirkin, used to be the first director of a secret laboratory of clairvoyants in the USSR.

In his last interview with the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper (Alexander Spirkin has recently passed away) the scientist recollected his experience of working in the secret laboratory of the Soviet government. “I worked with several hundreds of remote viewers. Soon after Joseph Stalin’s death, when people were finally freed from his dictatorship and started talking, the Polytechnic Museum of Moscow became a home for those interested in telepathy. Wolf Messing, a person possessing the true gift of remote viewing and telepathy, became the leader of those meetings in the museum. I knew him since my university years. His posters saying “Reading your thoughts at a distance!” were seen all over the country. I made quite a number of reports defending the studying of such phenomena. I particularly said that they could not be explained from the scientific point of view, especially from the point of view of Marxism-Leninism, but we had no right to deny their existence. One fine day I was asked to appear at the Scientific Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. They asked me to chair the bioinformation laboratory under KGB’s control.

“I was supposed to hire 200 “employees” for the lab – remote viewers. All the applicants had to answer a series of typical questions and pass several tests. When we had all those tests completed we started exploring the people’s unusual abilities. Our clairvoyants were affecting wheat seeds and they were growing through faster. They could also make fruit riper and juicer, flowers were blossoming longer than usual too. We studied the fields of crystals that were categorized as something intermediate between living and non-living objects. It became known that such crystals were growing when affected by clairvoyants.

There were three outstanding individuals among the employees of the laboratory. One of them was Fedora Konyukhova, whose body was producing extraordinary heat that possessed the healing power. Ivan Fomin used his extrasensorial energy to investigate the reasons of various disasters and breakdowns. Boris Shapiro possessed a very strong sense of diagnostics. He used to be a photographer, but now works as an advisor for wealthy businessmen.

All employees of the secret laboratory were controlled from within. Some of those attending special courses worked for the KGB. One of such “students” once entered Alexander Spirkin’s office and introduced himself as KGB General Makarevich. The official said that he was ordered to control the professor’s activities because they posed a great interest for foreign intelligence services, especially for the CIA and the Pentagon. Spirkin responded that the laboratory had not developed a scientific base that could deserve such immense interests in other countries. The general replied that foreign intelligence officers were interested in knowing everything even if the matter was simply about “a naked backside.” “The fact that our base equals zero is also highly important information too,” the KGB general said.

“I still know nothing about the results of those scientific works with remote viewers even so many years after,” professor Spirkin said. “Soviet military officials were interested in our work too. They listened to my lectures with great interest. On many occasions I was taken to secret military headquarters the whereabouts of which I didn’t know either – they were taking me there in cars with curtains on the windows.

“The Soviet intelligence used remote viewers in their activities, that’s a fact. A clairvoyant, for example, could determine the state of health of a top official watching his appearance on TV. They did that with the US president. Some Soviet remote viewers visited the USA as tourists and transmitted the information that they could obtain there to their Moscow-based colleagues by the power of mind, telepathy that is. The KGB was particularly interested if remote viewers could determine the locations of foreign submarines in the ocean,” Alexander Spirkin said.

“In the end I had to leave the laboratory. New technologies and devices started to appear but I could hardly understand anything about them. A special committee came to check our equipment, and they were shocked to see how outdated it was. The laboratory was not closed. A younger scientist took my place in the lab, but I know nothing about its current activities,” the professor concluded.

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov