The place of the biblical Apocalypse is found

A giant meteor crater was discovered in the Jordanian desert, suggesting some terrible disaster that took place in this area back in the Stone Age. According to the scientists it was precisely this cataclysm that gave rise to the Sumerian end of the world legends and to the Biblical version of Apocalypse.

“The gods of Anunnaki raised up their torches casting bright lights towards the Earth… The heavens were filled with despair and the daylight was overwhelmed by the covering darkness… The Earth was shattered like a jar of clay,” – it would be hard to find a more impressive description of the end times than the one produced in “The Epic of Gilgamesh.”

Now the researchers in the Jordanian desert have found the traces of the great cataclysm which served as the historical foundation for the famous legend that dates back more than four thousand years. This epochal myth, in turn, finds many parallels in the gloomy Biblical plot describing the last days.

In any case, now we have a giant crater formed no less than 10,000 years ago by an equally giant meteorite near the present Saudi Arabian border.

Actually the crater was noticed and even put into some geological maps back in the 60’s, but for some reason it was then mistaken for an inactive volcano. This tragic mistake was brought to everyone’s attention by a German geologist Werner Schneider of Technical University of Braunschweig, reports Spiegel Online.

Field research has verified Schneider’s suspicions: the crater was formed by a fallen meteorite that had a diameter of approximately a hundred meters.

In particular Schneider and his colleagues from the Jordanian University discovered quartz minerals that had been disturbed by a wave force a long time ago. The changes in the nature of the quartz grid’s structure caused by this incident confirmed the “Meteorite Theory.”

Besides the quartz grid, the local relief itself points to its being hit: concentric circles surround a hill that was raised up after the meteorite had landed in the center.

The traveling speed of the large guest from outer space is estimated to have been around 160,000 kilometers per hour and the power of the explosion at the time of the impact exceeded by a thousand times that of the Hiroshima bomb. Millions of tons of dust and smoke were thrown a few kilometers upwards, and for hundreds of kilometers around the epicenter the entire area was instantly and entirely burned out.

Supposing that the ancient people were observing the unfolding catastrophe (the explosion was visible thousands of kilometers away), it would doubtless leave a lasting impression on their curious minds and would most certainly inspire all kinds of creative outbursts. Plus this region is considered the “Cradle of Humanity.”

If the date of the disaster is correctly estimated it would apparently be the “freshest” meteor crater in the Middle East .

“This event without a doubt found reflection in many myths and tales of the peoples of the Ancient World. And of course they used a slightly different terminology that the one used by the present day NASA specialists,” comments Schneider. He adds that the picture presented to the eyes of the ancient cataclysm’s observers strongly reminds him of the passages from the “Apocalypse.”

Translated by Natalia Vysotskaya

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Author`s name Alex Naumov