Man-caused noise pollution of the ocean kills sea animals

The sound pollution makes whales and dolphins commit massive suicides by coming ashore 

Humans create too much noise in the world ocean, which make it a rather uncomfortable place to live for sea animals and fish. Man-caused noise is the source of too much discomfort for underwater animals, who use the sense of hearing as the most important organ of perception. Sounds help sea animals orient themselves in the ocean and also communicate with each other. Scientists believe that the so-called acoustic smog virtually blinds sea creatures, which negatively affects their nourishment and worsens the reproductive function, Le Soir wrote.

Researchers have already determined before that whales come ashore on account of sounds produced by ultrasound scanners of battleships and submarines. Furthermore, scientists are deeply concerned about the noise background, which merchant shipping causes in the depths of the ocean. Specialists say that noisiest territories of the global ocean are situated in the North Atlantic water area and in the north of the Pacific Ocean. The sound pollution is very high in the ocean around Indonesia. The man-caused noise in the ocean gradually destroys the underwater animal world. “Sea animals rely on sound, they do not see anything,” scientists say.

For the time being, there are not enough reasons to talk about the real effect of the noise pollution in the global ocean. Modern technologies are not advanced enough to give researchers an opportunity to watch sea animals closely and come to certain conclusion about the effect the noise influence has on their conduct.

The strengthening of the resonant pollution is happening simultaneously with the development of the commercial sea navigation.  The tonnage of the world merchant fleet raised from 85 to 550 million tons from 1948 to 1998. The noise level in the ocean has gained about 15 decibels during the period, scientists say. Commercial shipping companies are not going to spend their money on restricting the level of noise pollution in the ocean as long as the problem and its consequences remain insufficiently explored. Scientists believe, however, that the increasing interest in the issue will definitely be helpful in achieving progress in the field.

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Author`s name Olga Savka