Imagination is the limit for sex of the future

New technologies are on the offensive, they become part of our life day in and day out. These days computers not only help find new job opportunities, term paper material or hot news items. Computers could also provide a special kind of pleasure to the user.

The user could explore a variety of adult websites or erotic computer games. But all the above will be history in the near future, according to some researchers who promise to come up with a breakthrough in the area of sensual pleasures. They keep talking about programmed sex as being a new and breathtaking reality of tomorrow.

Researchers at the Institute of Sex, Gender and Reproduction Studies under the University of Indiana maintain that everybody will be capable of creating a personal sex partner who should meet all requirements and satisfy all needs. The most cherished dream should come true thanks to a special programming device, which will enable the user to build a partner in accordance with personal wishes. A partner should do and say only things you want her or him to do or say during a “communication” session.

According to Marvin Minski, one of the leading researchers of artificial intelligence, such devices could trigger physiological reactions in the human brain. They might as well cause the intense physical and emotional feeling akin to that experienced during a real sexual activity.

Techniques enabling two people (situated thousands of miles apart) to render sexual pleasure to each other by manipulating various sex aids e.g. vibrators at a distance are already in place. Combining a vision with a sense of touch is going to be the next step by daring researchers. Carl Di Salvo, a graduate student of the University School of Design, built a device that can simulate the bodily warmth and hugging sensations. The researcher says his mockup can be used for building virtual sex equipment.

The seemingly useless research may come in handy one day or another. After all, robots already take part in performing some of the household duties e.g. cooking or cleanup. The new cyberspace sex machines will probably help the lonely and disenchanted.


Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov