Most shameful disease scares people off from doctors

People often perceive this disease as something trivial that is common for everyone

Jokes about hemorrhoids create an impression that they are the disease of elderly people. Unfortunately, the shameful ailment develops with people of 28-55 years of age, as a rule. Proctologists, however, say that the disease is becoming less mature and troubles younger people as well. As a rule, hemorrhoids develop because of the insufficient movement, fondness for alcohol drink and fast food.

The majority of modern people spend all their days sitting: when they work, drive a car, watch TV and so on and so forth.  A human being, however, is “programmed” for different activities: to walk, to run, to lay down, but not to sit. A seated position of a body results in blood congestion in pelvis and swollen veins in the rectum and anus. Hemorrhoids are also known as the drivers' disease for this reason.

As for hemorrhoids, people often perceive them as a trivial disease common for everyone and that they can be cured without doctors' help. Hemorrhoids are a pathology, which does not imply any self-treatment at all. Even expensive ointments and gels cannot cure the disease, although they do help reduce the itching, bleeding and relieve the pain. The effect, however, will only last of a short while.

Needless to say that the rectum is the dirtiest organ of a human body: up to ten billion pathogenic bacteria live on one cubic millimeter of the rectum. It is easy to imagine, what may happen there if rectum vessels are ruptured. Constant bleeding is the most unpleasant aspect of hemorrhoids. A drop of blood every minute will make an individual suffer from anemia in two or three weeks.

People prefer to keep silent about hemorrhoids for two reasons: they are deeply ashamed to visit a proctologist or they are simply afraid of the operation. It is noteworthy that modern medicine does not make surgery absolutely necessary at this point.

Doctors say that only one of ten individuals eats three times a day. Others are satisfied with one or two meals a day: they have breakfast at home and buy junk food somewhere in the afternoon. The intestines cannot function normally under such conditions: the perfect nourishment consists of five or six meals a day, a little at a time. Vegetables, porridges, dairy products and fruit are highly recommended as a part of the hemorrhoids-preventing diet. Chocolates, cakes and buns, sausages, tanned meat and rice are to be restricted, whereas spicy dishes and alcohol should be excluded from the menu of those, who have been deprived of the luxury to sit straight.

Any slightest discomfort in the rectum or anus should be perceived as a troubling sign. Rectal bleeding is the obvious signal to consult a doctor: the bleeding may be caused not only with hemorrhoids, but also with malignant growths in the intestines. Constipation is also a serious reason to attend a doctor's office. Prominent people used to say: “Blessed is he who has easy stool in the morning. He happily digests the food and enjoys life's little comforts.” Self-treatment is out of the question in the event of sudden bleeding or pain.

A good walk is considered the best and the most efficient measure to prevent hemorrhoids. Several steps a day to a car or to the office will not produce any effect. A six-kilometer walk is the daily minimum.

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Author`s name Olga Savka