A glass of milk could be lethal

Swedish scientists have probably spent a lot of time contemplating how to make the news of their recent discovery public. The news concerns the product majority of people love the most: milk!

According to the scientists, nothing could be as dangerous for a human organism as a daily intake of milk. As it turns out, this liquid triggers development of ovarian cancer in women. A woman runs even great risk of developing the illness in case she consumes a glass of milk daily.

In the course of 13 years, Swedish scientists have been conducting research in this area. 60 000 women participated in the research. Results revealed that those who consumed more milk were more prone to developing the illness. Those women who consumed 5 or more yoghurts per week were 2,5 times more likely to develop cancer.

However, despite the fact that milk and yoghurt are potentially life-threatening for female's organism, butter, ice-cream and cheese are absolutely safe. It is also considered that skim milk or milk with reduced fat, in fact lowers the chance of having cancer.

Believe it or not, time will be the best judge. At the same time, the research conducted by Scandinavian scientists may not have taken into account other compounds found in milk…

However, researchers that focus on cancerous growths of other organs do not consider milk to be hazardous at all. In fact, they do not even allow for such possibility. A single glass of milk a day can prevent colon cancer, claim researchers after examining the results of all world's major studies.

Calcium contained in milk, plays tremendously important role in colon cancer prevention. Studies reveal that large doses of calcium significantly reduce the risk of polyps' emergence, which may later transform into cancerous growths. Consuming more than one glass of milk daily can in fact diminish one's chance to develop cancer by 15%. As for the rest of dairy products, the results didn't appear to be of any significance.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov