Care for a smoke-free cigarette?!

Nowadays, smokers are being discriminated. They are required to smoke only in special designated areas or outside, despite rain, gusty winds or unbearable heat. Well, what's there to say?! A smoker's life is not all that great! However, the time has finally come for smokers around the globe to cheer! Scientists invented a completely new type of smoke-free cigarettes, which supposedly should rid everyone of discomfort.

However, the new invention is still far from perfect. The product manufactured by the Swiss company NicStic is packaged in small containers that somewhat resemble a cigarette-case. It contains ten disposable mouth-pieces resembling a filter as well as an object that looks like a cigarette. In reality however, this object is a heating element that works from a battery. The cigarette-case itself works as a battery charger.

Before attempting to smoke, one should first assemble the cigarette. After that, the cigarette has to be inserted into a special opening of the cigarette-case filter up;. One must then wait another 20 seconds until the battery is fully charged and the heating element reaches certain temperature. It is only then that a person can enjoy his cigarette.

A smoker holds a familiar little stick in his hand. He executes the exact same movements as with a regular cigarette, while receiving the exact same nicotine dosage and experiencing that familiar warmth inside. At the same time, neither the smoker himself nor those people who happened to be around him feel discomfort. The reason is simple: the cigarette is absolutely smoke-free. In addition, the newly designed tobacco contains no tar or chemicals and is also toxins-free.

NicStic plans to put the new “invention” out on the market by the end of 2005. “Filters” will be sold with cigarette-cases – 20 per case. The company assures customers that the price of one “filter” will not exceed that of a cigarette. At the moment the price hasn't been set yet. During the first few months, the scientific marvel will only be available in Germany. In the meantime, NicStic still undergoes testing.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov