Global climate change to kill Earth with ice and deserts

Planet Earth is a live organism, which reacts instantly to 'wounds'

The history of human civilization on planet Earth counts three million years. However, the things that people have been doing to their planet for many decades, cause irreparable damage to all living beings, including humans themselves. Homo sapiens is the only terrestrial creature, which may kill the whole planet. That is why ecology, which used to be just a branch of biology, has now become the science of the man-caused environmental pollution.

The mineral fields are the “eyes,” “ears” and “nerves” of the planet, the channels that the Earth uses to transmit the space power. Planet Earth is a live organism. According to geophysical and geological researches, the planet has almost an instant reaction to its “wounds:” it gives a start in the places, where it has been “injured.”

It takes an individual 0.7 or 0.8 of a second to pull back a hand from a hot iron, for instance. The planet reacts to damage only in 80-150 years, as it produces a mineral. That is why one generation of people does not see any changes. Speaking about the seismic situation, the planet's reaction is faster. People make over 5,000 industrial and military explosions every day. The planet suffers from artificial earthquakes that release the accumulated seismic energy. A change in the ionospheric chemical state can be seen in seven or eight years after regular launches of missiles.

Over 140,000 mineral fields were devastated in the dynamic XX century. The situation was exacerbated even further with man-caused catastrophes. Four hundred and sixty mega-cities with their factories, cars and dangerous productions exert an immense influence on the chemical composition of the Earth's atmosphere, the electromagnetic and radiation fields of the planet. For the time being, the planet looks like a bright star, as a very warm object.

Space scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky used to say that the whole Universe is alive. Space is “live” indeed: the space matter is permeated with numerous gravitational, electromagnetic and torsion fields. According to resonance laws of Space, considerable oscillations on one planet cause similar reactions on another planet.

A lot of researchers believe that certain processes taking place on the Sun, other planets and in the inter-planetary space have been caused with people's activities on Earth. The electromagnetic activity is growing considerably within the framework of the solar system; the electromagnetic output of Uranus has grown considerably. The color spectrum of Venus and the character of its luminescence have changed too. The magnetosphere of Jupiter has doubled: the distance between Earth and Jupiter will not save human from the echo of what is happening on Jupiter now. The changes will influence the speed of the Earth's rotation and the planet's climate.

The Earth's magnetic poles are currently displacing. The two poles near each other at a speed of 20 km/h. The magnetic polar displacement made up 2.3 degrees within the period of 20 years – from 1971 to 1991. The South Pole is currently situated between Australia and the Antarctic. The planet is also experiencing a global climate change. If the displacement overcomes the level of 20 degrees, the inversion will be inevitable: the two poles of the planet will change places.

In addition, the poles are changing their intensities: they are changing the electromagnetic frequency, which leads to alterations in human body and mind. The humanity is the virtual electromagnetic resonator, which influences the electromagnetic field of the Earth.

The average global temperature has gained one degree during the recent hundred years. Powerful storms follow horrendous earthquakes. Europe has to deal with hurricanes, floods and landslides; cyclone lines and sea currents are changing too. Climate is losing its stability.

Hundreds of experienced scientists from all over the world have made terrible forecasts in their report of the UN committee for climate control. They believe that the global warming will cause catastrophic consequences – ice thawing, floods, and droughts for hundreds of years. Scientists say that the disaster will be caused with gases, which produce the greenhouse effect.

Stanford University Professor Mark Jacobson has recently discovered that soot ranks second after carbonic gas on the capacity of its influence on the global warming. Soot basically consists of natural carbon, which is the product of fuel firing. This is diesel fuel, coal, jet engine fuel, natural gas, kerosene, wood and other kinds of biological fuel. The global reduction of soot emissions may considerably decrease the catastrophic global warming speed.

There are several models of the Earth's development. Pursuant to one of them, ice will thaw, the Global Ocean level will raise by 30-60 centimeters (by 120-180 cm in perspective). Holland will spend a half of its budget on building dams; the biggest part of Canada and Australia will be flooded; coastal areas all over the world will submerge as well. Storms and hurricanes will become even more frequent and destructive. Lowlands will turn to swamps, deserts will grow in size. Droughts will scorch Central America, fires and invasions of insects will devastate the woods. Malaria will become a common illness, just like flu. The warming will make the climate of Central Europe more severe. Gulf Stream saves Europe from cold now: Europeans do not get cold as much as Canadians do, although they all live at the same latitude. If humans interfere in the work of the so-called natural conveyer, it will stop, as it happened during the Ice Age. The thawing caused with the massive inflow or fresh waters will disrupt the circulation of water, which frost-bound the Atlantic.

Will the current warming result in similar consequences?

The above-mentioned warming, however, would be good for Russia. Specialists of the Russian Ministry for Science conducted a research within the scope of the program about the global changes of the climate and environment. The research revealed that new cultivable lands will appear in Russia as a result of the global warming. Swamps will turn to perfect pastures; the area of the woods will stretch northwards and displace the tundra. The climate on the vast territory of Siberia will become a lot more comfortable for life; several northern cities will turn to wonderful paradise resorts. The south and the European territory of Russia will most likely suffer from the warming: it will be damaged with wind erosion, poor soil and desertification.

Global temperatures have been raising and dropping during the existence of the human civilization. However, the biosphere is still living and the humanity is still developing.

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Author`s name Olga Savka