Siberian scientists develop self-heating insoles

President's plenipotentiary in Siberian region Anatoly Kvashnin suggested chief of Russian Armed Forces to use the latest development of Siberian scientists: self-heating shoe insoles.

On Tuesday, Kvashnin has attended Siberian department at an exhibition hosted by the Russian Academy of Sciences. Self-heating show insoles were among the items displayed at the exhibition booth. According to RIA “Novosti”, the plenipotentiary, who used to be head of the Joint Staff of Russia’s Armed Forces, was so fascinated with the new “invention” that he immediately phoned Vladimir Isakov, chief of the home front of Russia’s Armed Forces. Kvashnin spent about an hour on the phone explaining all advantages of the unique item and offered Isakov to purchase several boxes with samples.

According to the Institute's director Alexander Noskov, the insoles are made of special sorbtive medium that absorbs moisture and generates heat. In addition, the insoles are capable of neutralizing unpleasant odor. It is possible to dry them on a regular heater; they easily restore their unique qualities. Such insoles are quite durable as well; they can last for up to a year.

Self-heating insoles can keep the temperature of about 18-20 C (70F) for approximately 5-6 hours. The insoles have successfully passed special tests in Chechnya.

Russia's harsh climate requires additional expenditures to ensure person’s comfort. This especially concerns the lower limbs. This is a problem, especially taking into account the fact that a human body constantly secretes water, perspires. Not only does moisture that evaporates from one’s foot cool down the lower limbs, it also tends to increase humidity inside footware up to 100%. The lower the outside temperature, the faster this moisture condensates and gets absorbed by shoes.

Heavy fur boots are too warm most of the time and easily result in overheating. That is why oftentimes people have to change their footware inside. American, European and Japanese companies manufacture an entire array of various insoles which are mainly built on a rather complex system of air ventilation. However, this principle proved to be ineffective in cold or wet weather.

Existing insoles that are on the market these days that are capable of generating heat are way too expensive. In Russia, one easily could buy a pair of shoes for that money.

Siberian scientists developed a new material that absorbs moisture and generates heat at once. Their insoles proved to be 3-5 times more effective than their western competitors. Once the temperature drops below +35C, he new material activates and starts absorbing moisture and generates heat.

The insoles are ideal for servicemen, miners, construction workers, athletes, to name a few.       

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov