Mysteries of the left pinky

Practicing doctor-bioenergytherapist from the Russian town of Voronezh Victor Ivanovich Yakovenko comments the issue.

Back in the days, ancient physicians  used to determine one’s health by thoroughly examining a person’s hand. Such diagnostics had been very highly accurate. Every king’s palace, every Eastern harem had a qualified doctor. Those who used to treat women had neither seen their patients’ faces or bodies. The final diagnoses had been made on the analysis of the women’s hands squeezed through a tiny hole of a medical room.

According to the ancient art of healing, one single finger (pinky finger on one’s left hand) was enough to get detailed information concerning one’s health. Thorough examination of the pinky finger enabled a healer to determine how the person reacted to the external emotional climate. According to the wise philosophers-doctors, one’s inability to resist external negative influences was to blame for the emergence of chronic illnesses.

Pinky finger contains the so-called “meridians” which coincide with the cardiovascular system and intestines. The pinky reflects all abnormalities of the organism. Acupuncture had been commonly used by doctors to treat various neurological illnesses.

A few simple recommendations have survived until today. For instance, massaging the phalange relieves stress, lows blood pressure, improves one’s sleeping pattern. A pulsating pressure on this particular pressure point relieves a person from feeling drowsy. Doctors also used to recommend those suffering from obesity and uncontrolled appetite to massage the upper part of the little finger right before the meal. 

Judging by the way the pinky reacted to various massaging techniques healers were able to determine the overall condition of one’s pancreas, lungs, stomach, liver and bladder. Massage was the best remedy. To improve one’s vitality and to harmonize all internal organs doctors used to attach a small seed or a bead on the inner side of a patient’s little finger.

East is considered to be the motherland of manicure. Eastern medics considered that red nail color increases one’s energy; whereas green nail color has a soothing effect on a person. They recommended to paint the little finger red to avoid stress. Medics warn fashionable women that yellow nail color makes a person vulnerable to stress; whereas blue and black colors are simply dangerous since they tend to “attract” new illnesses.

Those who do not paint their nails at all are recommended to wear a golden ring on the little finger. Back in the days however, people used special so-called healing rings. Their main characteristic was such that they were not whole; i.e. a little incision was present on its side. The “ring-bearer” was always in good spirits. Men used to wear the ring on the right pinky and women on the left.
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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov