Revenge of unborn child

Galina Skvortsova from Rostov region in Southern Russia has no children.
Her prays to God to grant her a kid were not answered, and she blamed the abortion she had as 19-year-old girl, for her misfortunes.

The doctors said that she had no health problems. Galina learned the cause of her infertility only when she was 55-years-old, and she had a routine examination at the gynecologist’s.

Of course, she had already abandoned her hope to give a birth to a child, and visited the doctor because of some gynecological problems. Doctor Olga Kogan examined the patient with gisteroscope – the device having tiny video camera installed, and discovered that the lady’s womb contains child’s cannon-bone.
“I could not believe it”, the doctor says.  “This can happen during illegal abortions, but in 99 percent of such cases the extraneous body causes inflammation. The cannon-bone is 2.5 centimeters in size, and this means that Galina had an abortion when she was pregnant for a long time, about 4 months.

The unborn child conducted revenge in his own way – his bone pressed to womb’s side with its edges, and in this way the contraceptive like a spire was made.

The doctor thought that the lady would faint after hearing about the cause of her infertility. However, Galina just sighed and said quietly,
”I was destined to this”….

Radmila Maiskaya

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova