Magic power of American Indians

There are many mysterious things in the history of wars between white people and Indians in America.
Many times Indian heroes marvelously stayed alive in dangerous situations, although there was no chance for them to survive.

1865. The battle on the Powder river. According to Indian chronicles, the chief of Cheienn tribe Roman Nose behave very strange, “During the battle he was slowly riding a horse in front of the line of the white people. The soldiers fired at him, but all the bullets missed. He was wearing a sacred headgear having magic power”.

June 25, 1876. Indian of the Siu tribe Iron Hawk described the crushing defeat of 7th cavalry regiment, “We had very brave Cheienn. He was wearing a headgear from the feathers of the spotty eagle, spotty cloak from some animals skin and parti-colored belt. He rode his horse to the hill, we followed him at some distance. The soldiers were standing along the hill. They were holding their horses by the bridles. The Cheienn approached the soldiers very closely, and they were constantly firing at him. When the Cheienn came back to us, he untied his belt, and the bullets fell down from it. The sacred force protected this well-built warrior, and for this reason the soldier were unable to do harm to him”.

Five months later, on November 25, 1876, the warriors of the Cheienn tribe led by chief Blunt Knife were attacked by 4th cavalry regiment of colonel Ronald McKensey and had to leave their camp. The Indians took cover in the canyon near the Powder river. For the whole day the soldiers fired at Indians, but with no success as the Indians were hiding behind the stones. Suddenly an old Indian came out on the open hill and started smoking a pipe. The American soldiers who had already lost hope to win, cheered up and started firing at the old Indian. No result. Soon another Indian joined the old man. The two men smoked their pipes to the end and then left. They were not even injured.

1890. The last battle of the steppe Indians near the Wounded Knee river. The saint prophet of  the Siu tribe Black Elk demonstrated his magic power during that battle. Black Elk was leading a group of Indians. He had no gun, but was holding the sacred bow in front of them. The soldiers were shooting at Black Elk and his companions without stop, but no Indian was wounded. There are chronicles that the tribe had special warriors. “The Siu called those having magic power “Vacan” – mysterious. Occasionally they demonstrated their tribesmen their power. After paining themselves in a special way and having only loin-cloth on and sacred whistles on their chests, Vacans formed a line and moved to the people shooting at them. Arrows bent and broke, bullets became flat and fell on the ground, and Vacans were not injured at all. Nevertheless, even such invulnerable Siu had to bow down after that battle.

Finally, blind force and white people’ weapons won, but the invulnerability of Indian warriors still seems remarkable to many historians. There are so many chronicles on wonders Indian warriors and shamans were producing that they can hardly be considered as lies.

Vadim Chernobrov

From the book “Mysteries and Paradoxes of Time”

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova