Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov

Device to measure one's stupidity - 22 April, 2004

The device to measure whether the person is stupid or clever, looks simple: two thick steel wires attached to the fur cones on one side and to spiral on another side.
The researcher's hands should not contact the wire metal, and for this reason the inventor – the scholar of Mordovian University Lev Galenkevich – adjusted pencils to the wire. Using stupiditymeter is simple. According to the inventor, one just should put the device close to the head of the researched person. Then the latter's energy will create moving impulse, and the wires will start rotating. The more turnovers the wire makes, the more intelligent the person is.

Lev Galenkevich used his friend for his first experiment. Then he measured his entire family. The researcher's colleagues were saying he was crazy, but asked him to measure their intellect as well. 

“I picked up the device description in ancient oriental manuscripts”, said the inventor. “There are items sensitive to lepton fields in people. Some people can attract metal because of having strong lepton fields. This proves that the principle used in my device is valid”.

The inventor said that the average level of intellect in a person is equal to 2.5 turnovers. He said that the students whom he teaches at University, have the lowest intellect: the device. The wire makes one turnover at the students' heads, and not always.

One detail: the device cannot be applied to drunk and mentally ill people.

Victor Likhachev

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