Smoking impairs intellect

Dutch scientists from the “Erasmus” medical center (Rotterdam) arrived at the following conclusion: long-term smoking speeds up the process of brain aging, or simply put, impairs one's intellectual abilities and memory.

More than 9 000 people over 65 participated in the study. The results indicated that active smokers face a higher chance of suffering an impairment of intellectual abilities associated with brain aging; the process occurs five times faster in active smokers than it does in nonsmokers. After conducting several tests, scientists were able to conclude that mental abilities of a nonsmoker over 65 have decreased by 0,03 points, while active smokers indicate a decrease by 0,16 points. Results of those who had quit smoking less than two years ago was 0,06.

It is worth mentioning that scientists still cannot provide logical explanation concerning such correlation between smoking and acceleration of the brain's aging processes. Paradoxically, according to some sources, nicotine itself  (due to its relaxing effect) does not impair but, on the contrary, stimulates intellectual abilities. Perhaps, the effect has something to do with one's age or the effect of some other substances penetrating into the organism with the smoke.

“Despite the fact that our data remains unclear, one thing is certain; smoking is harmful,” stated Doctor Alevin Ott in his interview to “BBC”. “That is why I urge everyone to quit smoking!” 
Source: KM

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov