Byelorussian chicken laid the world's largest egg

A chicken from the Krasnoarmeiskaya poultry farm in the village of Mir of Grodnensky region laid the world's largest egg.

This has been reported by a Russian representative of the Guinness Book of World Record in Belorus Alexander Kalinin. “The egg that weighs 160 grams has a big chance of getting into the Guinness Book of Records,” stated he.

The Byelorussian chicken bit the record of its Cuban colleague from Las-Tunas. Several years ago, the latter has laid an egg weighing 146 grams. It has been inserted in the Book of Records as the largest and heaviest chicken egg in the world. An average chicken egg weighs about 50-60 grams.

Today, the giant egg is kept in a special safe of the head veterinarian with other chicken anomalies, such as the smallest chicken egg (15 grams), an egg with three yolks as well as “matreshka” shaped egg.

Employees are trying to locate the record breaking chicken. However, finding one particular chicken among 20 000 of her relatives isn't an easy task, reports RTR-Vesti.Ru. 

Source: IZV

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov