Radiation to slow the aging process?

Radiation can slow the aging process

Scientists from the Biological Institute of the Republic of Komi were able to reach such conclusion. After tedious experiments on fruit flies (they were chosen for the experiments due to their short life span and their genetic similarity with humans), a team of researchers has found out that regular exposure to small doses of ionizing radiation increases one's lifespan as well as the overall neuromuscular activity.

However, the effect could only be traced in the first and second generations of flies (a total of 5 generations of fruit flies have been used for the experiment). Afterward, the effect disappears. That is why, according to the scientists, it is still too early to claim with absolute certainty that radiation, even in small doses, can have a positive effect on our bodies.

“Up until recently, scientists have been examining only detrimental effects of radiation on a living organism, using strong radiation,” stated one of the Institute's employees Alexander Moskalev. “We, on the contrary, decided to study the effects of small doses of radiation. The results turn out to be stunning and absolutely unpredictable. However, we still need to conduct additional experiments before we may claim something for sure.”


Source: AskDoctor.Ru