Dinosaurs originated from Antarctica?

Researches found remains of two new dinosaur species in Antarctica.   
Petrified remains of two pangolins were found by researchers from two different groups. One dinosaur was carnivorous, the second was herbivorous, huge in size.
The remains of the carnivorous dinosaur (it was 1.8 meters in size and lived 70 million years ago) were found in James Ross Island near Antarctic Peninsula. The bones of the 30-meter herbivorous pangolin were found on the mountain top. 
Scientists believe that the carnivorous species existed in Antarctica longer than in other continents and think that the species representative whose remains they found, had been washed away after its death and was brought onto the bottom of the Uedell Sea.
Both the pangolin species have no names yet.
This is not the first important scientific discovery in Antarctica.
Earlier, skeleton fragments of a pangolin about 200 million years of age were found in the ice-covered mountain on the South Pole.

Director of Special Antarctic Expedition paleontologist  William Hammer said that this might be the remains of early forefather of brontosaurus, zoolite known by its long neck and massive body. 
Because of its unique climatic conditions Antarctica is a promising place for paleontologist research.  Even in summer temperature there almost never exceed 0 degrees Celsius.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova