New finds confirm the events of the Old Testament

Archaeologists of the University of Bar-Ilan discovered substantial evidence confirming the events of the Old Testament about return of the Israelites after being held captive by the Babylonians in Ein Gedi region in Israel.

Archaeologists discovered glass and golden necklaces, bronze mirrors, alabaster vessels, an oil lamp, and a makeup stick in one of the caves. Scientists assume that the jewelry has been made in Babylon. They were especially stunned after noticing a stamp with an image of a Babylonian priest, worshipping the Moon God.

The find dates back to approximately 2500 years. It was just in time of this find that the Old Testament mentions Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar conquering the Judaic kingdom along with all its residents. He was the one to move all Jews to Babylon. After the Babylonian kingdom was defeated by Persians, 60 years later, King Cyrus, a member of the Achaemenid dynasty, allowed Jews to return home.

According to scientists, this Ein Gedi region, which has been populated with freed Israelites, has been protected by Persia and flourished economically. Main significance of the find has to do with the fact that aside from other facts, there exist very few material evidences pointing to the Babylonian capture. The latest finds dating back to approximately the same period have been discovered 40 years ago.

Source: Utro.Ru  

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov