Russia's Tallest Man to be Frozen?

Will former basketball player agree to undergo plastination?
Gunter von Hagens, the founder of the exhibition called "Bodies of the World" suggested Russia's tallest man selling his body after death, German mass media report.

The Institute of Heidelberg is ready to make lump-sum payment after conclusion of an agreement with former basketball player Alexander Sizonenko and to provide a lifelong pension if the man agrees to let the Institute have his body after death.

Alexander Sizonenko, 2 meters 48 centimeters tall, the tallest man in the world suffers from a disease provoking extraordinary growth of his body. Alexander Gomelsky, the legendary Soviet basketball coach says Alexander Sizonenko is still the tallest basketball player of the Soviet Union and Russia. But for his disease, he would have become the greatest basketball player.
Gunter von Hagens is an anatomy professor and director of the Heidelberg Plastination Institute. Plastination is soaking of dead bodies with formaldehyde and also freezing.
In 2000, Gunter von Hagens organized an unusual exhibition in Germany; the central composition of the exhibition was called "The Horse and the Horseman". The body of the horseman was made of plastic and mummified parts of a real horse were used to make the figure of the horse.

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Author`s name Michael Simpson